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Ghastly CauldronItem 10

This Item may contain spoilers from the Blood Lords Adventure Path

Uncommon Invested Magical Necromancy Negative 
Source Pathfinder #182: Graveclaw pg. 75
Price 900 gp
Bulk 5
This black cooking pot can produce a feast fit for undead.

Activate Interact; Trigger once per day; Requirements The cauldron must be filled with water, herbs, bones, and raw meat, and kept at a boil for 1 hour; Effect As you stir the cauldron, its contents transform into 10 meals suitable for undead consumption. Each meal must be ladled from the cauldron individually as a 3-action activity and must be eaten within 1 hour of removal. An undead creature that consumes a meal from the cauldron regains 5d8 Hit Points and gains the benefits of 4th-level restoration that you choose; living creatures who consume a meal from the cauldron take 5d8 negative damage (DC 27 basic Fortitude save) instead. Any meals remaining in the cauldron 24 hours after activation become inedible slurry.