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Chapter 3: Subsystems / Reputation


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 164
On the flip side, disservices are a catchall for ways the PCs might make a group angry, whether it’s through actual malice and planning on the PCs’ part or simply by accident. Unlike favors, disservices don’t have as easy a correspondence with in-game time; a quick but particularly egregious action could easily still be a major disservice. Disservices normally lose the PCs Reputation Points.
  • Minor disservices could be small but significant missteps, or accumulated slights and inconveniences. Minor disservices take away 1 Reputation Point.
  • Moderate disservices are more than just a nuisance or annoyance, generally significantly hindering the group’s efforts or violating a fundamental tenet of the group’s beliefs in a significant but not egregious way. Moderate disservices take away 2 Reputation Points.
  • Major disservices are incredibly antagonistic to a group, usually a single brazen act, such as thwarting a cabal’s apocalyptic doomsday plan. Major disservices take away at least 5 Reputation Points, or more if they are particularly egregious. They might be so terrible that the PCs immediately lose all their Reputation Points and then lose 5 more Reputation Points.