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PFS StandardDrag Down [two-actions] Feat 5

Source Absalom, City of Lost Omens pg. 395, Azarketi Ancestry Web Supplement pg. 5

While swimming in water at least 10 feet deep, you grab an adjacent creature (on nearby land or in the water) and pull it below the surface. Attempt an Athletics check to Grapple the creature. On a success, if the creature is on land, in addition to the normal effects of Grapple, you pull the creature into the water in a space adjacent to you. If the creature is already in the water, on a success, in addition the normal effects of Grapple, you drag the creature 10 feet deeper into the water, moving 10 feet with the creature. Moving a creature into water or deeper into water using Drag Down is forced movement for the creature but not for you.

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Amphibious humanoids who live among the seas of the Inner Sea region, said to have descended from the people of Azlant. Sometimes known as gillmen or Low Azlanti.

Azarketis craft and use these weapons.