Source Core Rulebook pg. 629 4.0
This indicates abilities from the barbarian class.


Mighty Rage, Rage


Acute Scent, Acute Vision, Adrenaline Rush, Animal Rage, Animal Skin, Annihilating Swing, Attack of Opportunity, Awesome Blow, Barreling Charge, Bashing Charge, Brutal Bully, Brutal Critical, Cleave, Collateral Thrash, Come and Get Me, Contagious Rage, Corpse-Killer's Defiance, Determined Dash, Disarming Assault, Draconic Arrogance, Dragon Transformation, Dragon's Rage Breath, Dragon's Rage Wings, Embrace the Pain, Farabellus Flip, Fast Movement, Follow-Up Assault, Friendly Toss, Furious Bully, Furious Finish, Furious Grab, Furious Sprint, Furious Vengeance, Ghost Wrangler, Giant's Lunge, Giant's Stature, Great Cleave, Impaling Thrust, Impressive Landing, Inner Strength, Instinctive Strike, Inured to Alchemy, Knockback, Mage Hunter, Moment of Clarity, No Escape, Nocturnal Sense, Overpowering Charge, Oversized Throw, Pain Tolerance, Penetrating Projectile, Perfect Clarity, Predator's Pounce, Quaking Stomp, Raging Athlete, Raging Intimidation, Raging Thrower, Reckless Abandon, Renewed Vigor, Resounding Blow, Scouring Rage, Second Wind, Shake it Off, Share Rage, Shattering Blows, Silencing Strike, Spirits' Interference, Spirit's Wrath, Spiritual Guides, Sudden Charge, Sudden Leap, Sunder Enchantment, Sunder Spell, Supernatural Senses, Swipe, Tangle of Battle, Terrifying Howl, Thrash, Titan's Stature, Unbalancing Sweep, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Vengeful Strike, Vicious Evisceration, Whirlwind Strike, Whirlwind Toss, Wounded Rage