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PFS StandardMountain to the SkyItem 16

Source Legends pg. 48
Price 10,000 gp
Usage held in 1 hand
Activate 1 minute (Interact)
This tiny, carved walnut shell contains a sacred mountain within. You can only activate mountain to the sky on an unoccupied patch of earth or soil. When activated, the walnut transforms into an impossibly steep mountain, 5,000 feet tall and 100 feet wide at the base. Climbing the mountain requires 8 hours and a successful DC 35 Athletics check. After activating it, if you climb to the top of the mountain without any assistance from flight or magic, the mountain plane shifts you to Heaven when you reach the summit. You can return the mountain to the sky into the shape of a walnut shell as a 1-minute activity, which has the concentrate and manipulate traits, so long as no living creatures are present on the mountain.