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PFS StandardRidillItem 20

Unique Artifact Evocation Magical Transmutation 
Source Monsters of Myth pg. 29
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 4
Base Weapon Greatsword
This 12-foot sword was made by a cyclops in the ancient past. It might be the greatest dragon-killing weapon ever made, and Fafnheir justly fears it, which is why he keeps it hidden in his hoard. Runes of dragon slaying are written down its blade. Ridill is a +3 major striking dragon bane speed adamantine greatsword. While wielding Ridill, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saves against fear. This increases to +4 if the effect is from a dragon. If you have an ability that depends on Large weapons (such as barbarian giant instinct), it works with Ridill.

Ridill is always considered to have the appropriate material or damage type necessary to deactivate a dragon's regeneration or cause the dragon's weakness to apply. For example, Ridill is considered to be cold iron when attacking a linnorm, while it would be treated as having dealt cold damage when attacking a red dragon. If the dragon has more than one weakness, only the highest value applies.

Destruction If you boil Ridill in the blood of 10 different types of dragon (blue dragon dragon, red dragon, etc.) and drop the eye of a cyclops seer into the brew, Ridill melts away into nothingness.