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PFS StandardRusting SnareItem 8

Source Monsters of Myth pg. 113
Price 75 gp
This snare emits puffs of oxidizing chemicals that rapidly degrade metal items; skymetals and most precious metals are immune. The chemicals affect a non-magical metal item of up to 1 Bulk that the triggering creature is holding or openly wearing (determined randomly if the creature is holding or wearing more than one). The triggering creature must attempt a DC 25 Reflex saving throw. The snare deals 2d6 damage to the item; this damage ignores the item's Hardness and might deal persistent damage on a failed Reflex save. The creature, or an adjacent creature, can attempt to scrape off the chemicals as an Interact action to prevent the persistent damage; doing so reduces the DC of the flat check to end persistent damage to 10 and grants an immediate flat check. Thin iron or steel items, such as weapons, typically have 20 HP and a Broken Threshold of 10, and thicker iron or steel items, such as most suits of armor, typically have 36 HP and a Broken Threshold of 18. Other materials' statistics can be found on here and the statistics for items made of precious materials on their respective pages.

Critical Success The object is unaffected.
Success The object takes full damage.
Failure The object takes full damage as well as 1d6 persistent damage.
Critical Failure The object takes double damage as well as 2d6 persistent damage.