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Spread the Legend

Downtime Leadership 
Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 47
Nethys note: this activity requires that Linzi is the Counselorand is at least friendly

Linzi works to spread the word of the party's heroics and achievements, both through word of mouth and by distributing chapbooks or one-sheets detailing their exploits. Attempt a basic Arts check to determine the success of Linzi's efforts. If she has secured a printing press for the kingdom after the PCs help with her quest (see To Ask for Forgiveness, below), the Arts check gains a +2 item bonus.

Critical Success Not only do Linzi's stories bring pride and patriotism to the nation, but they also help increase its glory. Reduce Unrest by 1d6, and at the start of the next Kingdom turn, gain one bonus Fame. In addition, if the kingdom experiences a dangerous random event during this turn's Event Phase, reduce that event's level modifier by 1.
Success The rousing and inspiring stories Linzi spreads about the PCs helps to bring the nation together. Reduce Unrest by 1d6.
Failure Linzi avoids spreading unfortunate news, but only just barely. The citizens are only slightly entertained by their leaders' exploits. Reduce Unrest by 1.
Critical Failure Linzi accidentally spreads news of a humiliating or embarrassing nature, causing the people of the kingdom to lose respect for their leaders. Increase Unrest by 1d4.