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PFS LimitedAntipaladin

There is perhaps nothing more anathematic to peace than an antipaladin. Dedicated holy warriors to the darkest and foulest of deities, antipaladins work to fulfill the vile wishes of their evil masters. The zeal with which they implement the plans of dark gods makes them truly fearsome foes for anyone allied with the forces of good.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 20
Unspecific Lore: DC 18
Specific Lore: DC 15

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

AntipaladinCreature 5

CE Medium Human Humanoid 
Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 247
Perception +10
Languages Common
Skills Athletics +13, Deception +10, Intimidation +12, Religion +8, Survival +8
Str +4, Dex +1, Con +3, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +3
Items greataxe, half plate, javelin (10), lesser cheetah's elixir
AC 25; Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +12
HP 75
Destructive Vengeance [reaction] (divine, necromancy) Trigger An enemy within 15 feet damages the antipaladin; Effect The antipaladin increases the amount of damage they take by 2d6 and deals 2d6 damage to the triggering enemy, choosing evil or negative damage. In addition, the antipaladin deals 2 extra damage of the chosen type with their Strikes against the triggering creature until the end of the antipaladin's next turn.
Speed 20 feet
Melee [one-action] greataxe +15 [+10/+5] (sweep), Damage 1d12+10 slashingRanged [one-action] javelin +12 [+7/+2] (thrown 30 feet), Damage 1d6+10 piercingChampion Devotion Spells DC 20, 1 Focus Point; 3rd touch of corruption
Intimidating Strike [two-actions] The antipaladin makes a melee Strike. If they hit and deal damage, the target is frightened 1, or frightened 2 on a critical hit.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Servants Of Destruction

Antipaladins are the polar opposite of paladins: chaotic evil warriors devoted to destruction. Much like champions of good, they must follow a code. Their code exhorts evil and prohibits selfless acts. Antipaladins usually serve Lamashtu, Rovagug, or demon lords. Many antipaladins used to be champions of good and seek to destroy their former faiths.

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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 246
Villains pursue selfish and cruel goals, trampling over anyone foolish or purehearted enough to stand in their way.