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Precious Material Weapons

Source Core Rulebook pg. 599 2.0
Weapons made of precious materials are more expensive and sometimes have special effects. You can make metal weapons out of any of these materials except darkwood, and wooden weapons out of darkwood. To determine the Price of 10 pieces of ammunition, use the base Price for a single weapon, without adding any extra for Bulk.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Cold Iron Weapon (Low-Grade)PFS StandardCommon240 gp
Silver Weapon (Low-Grade)PFS StandardCommon240 gp
Cold Iron Weapon (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardCommon10880 gp
Silver Weapon (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardCommon10880 gp
Adamantine Weapon (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon111400 gp
Darkwood Weapon (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon111400 gp
Mithral Weapon (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon111400 gp
Sovereign Steel Weapon (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardRare121600 gp
Cold Iron Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardCommon169000 gp
Silver Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardCommon169000 gp
Adamantine Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon1713500 gp
Darkwood Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon1713500 gp
Mithral Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon1713500 gp
Warpglass Weapon (High-Grade) Rare1714000 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Orichalcum Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardRare1822500 gp
Sovereign Steel Weapon (High-Grade)PFS StandardRare1932000 gp