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Alchemical Tools

Source Core Rulebook pg. 554 2.0
Alchemical tools are consumable items you don’t drink.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
TindertwigPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable, Fire12 sp
Snake OilPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable12 gpL
Blindpepper Tube UncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Visual13 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Bookthief BrewPFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable13 gpL
Forensic DyePFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable13 gpL
Ghost InkPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable13 gpL
Smokestick (Lesser)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable13 gpL
SunrodPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable, Light13 gpL
Lovers' InkPFS StandardRareAlchemical, Consumable25 gpL
Bloodhound Mask (Lesser)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable26 gpL
Origin UnguentPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable26 gpL
SilversheenPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable26 gpL
Vermin Repellent Agent (Lesser)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable38 gpL
Cold Iron Blanch (Lesser)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Precious310 gpL
Quickpatch GluePFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable310 gpL
Metalmist Sphere (Lesser)PFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable311 gpL
Aurifying Salts UncommonAlchemical, Consumable312 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Swamp Lily QuiltPFS StandardRareAlchemical, Consumable312 gp2
Vestige LensesPFS StandardRareAlchemical340 gpL
Timeless SaltsPFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable414 gpL
Fungal Walk Musk CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Olfactory521 gpLAbomination Vaults
Universal Solvent (Moderate)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable521 gpL
Bloodhound Mask (Moderate)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable640 gpL
Smokestick (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable753 gpL
Skinstitch SalvePFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable, Healing755 gpL
Sovereign GluePFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable755 gpL
Vermin Repellent Agent (Moderate)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable875 gpL
Metalmist Sphere (Moderate)PFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable890 gpL
Body Recovery KitPFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Healing9101 gpL
Cold Iron Blanch (Moderate)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Precious9140 gpL
Bloodhound Mask (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable11250 gpL
Vermin Repellent Agent (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable12315 gpL
Universal Solvent (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable12325 gpL
Metalmist Sphere (Greater)PFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable13500 gpL
Purple Worm Repellent UncommonAlchemical, Consumable13550 gpLExtinction Curse
Azure Worm Repellent UncommonAlchemical, Consumable151100 gpLExtinction Curse
Vermin Repellent Agent (Major)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable161350 gpL
Cold Iron Blanch (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Precious161700 gpL
Green GutPFS LimitedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Poison172500 gpLExtinction Curse
Universal Solvent (Major)PFS StandardCommonAlchemical, Consumable183250 gpL
Crimson Worm Repellent UncommonAlchemical, Consumable184500 gpLExtinction Curse
Sun Orchid PoulticePFS StandardRareAlchemical, Consumable185000 gpL
Philosopher's StonePFS StandardUncommonAlchemical, Consumable202