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CorrosiveItem 8+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 583 2.0
Usage etched onto a weapon
Acid sizzles across the surface of the weapon. When you hit with the weapon, add 1d6 acid damage to the damage dealt. In addition, on a critical hit, the target’s armor (if any) takes 3d6 acid damage (before applying Hardness); if the target has a shield raised, the shield takes this damage instead.

PFS StandardCorrosiveItem 8

Source Core Rulebook pg. 583 2.0
Price 500 gp

PFS StandardCorrosive (Greater)Item 15

Source Core Rulebook pg. 583 2.0
Price 6,500 gp
The acid damage dealt by this weapon ignores the target’s acid resistance. Increase the acid damage dealt to armor or a shield on a critical hit to 6d6.