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Boots of ElvenkindItem 5+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 606 2.0
Usage worn shoes
These tall, pointed boots are made from soft, supple black or green leather and are decorated with trim and buckles of gold. When worn, the boots allow you to move more nimbly, granting you a +1 item bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Activate Free ActionFree Action envision; Frequency once per hour; Effect Until the end of your turn, you ignore difficult terrain when moving on the ground. If you’re wearing a cloak of elvenkind, you also gain a +5-foot status bonus to your land Speed until the end of your turn.

PFS StandardBoots of ElvenkindItem 5

Source Core Rulebook pg. 606 2.0
Price 145 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardBoots of Elvenkind (Greater)Item 11

Source Core Rulebook pg. 606 2.0
Price 1,250 gp
Bulk L
The boots grant a +2 bonus. If you’re also wearing a cloak of elvenkind, greater boots of elvenkind constantly grant the effects of pass without trace (DC 30) in forest environments.