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Hat of the MagiItem 3+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 611 2.0
Usage worn headwear
This hat comes in many forms, such as a colorful turban or a pointy hat with a brim, and can bear symbols or runes. It grants you a +1 item bonus to Arcana checks and allows you to cast the prestidigitation cantrip as an arcane innate spell.

PFS StandardHat of the MagiItem 3

Source Core Rulebook pg. 611 2.0
Price 50 gp

PFS StandardHat of the Magi (Greater)Item 9

Source Core Rulebook pg. 611 2.0
Price 650 gp
This larger, fancier hat grants a +2 bonus and can be activated.

Activate Three ActionsThree Actions Cast a Spell; Frequency once per day; Effect You cast a 4th-level arcane summon elemental spell.