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PFS StandardPathfinder's PouchItem 6

Source Character Guide pg. 111
Price 200 gp
Usage worn belt pouch; Bulk L
This unobtrusive belt pouch is popular among Pathfinders who operate in places where the Society is not welcome. It is constantly under the effects of a 3rd-level magic aura spell to appear non-magical. The pouch’s normal space holds as much as an ordinary belt pouch, but it also has a small extradimensional space that holds up to 1 Bulk of items. A creature actively inspecting the pouch in its ordinary state discovers the existence of the extradimensional space only on a critical success to Search the pouch (see the Concealing an Item action of the Stealth skill), though when the extradimensional space is active, it’s obvious to anyone examining the pouch that it is more than it seems.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action Interact; Effect You switch the pouch to allow access to its extradimensional space instead of its normal space, or vice versa. This lasts until you next activate it. Items in the other space are inaccessible and hard to find until you switch the pouch back.