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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 212
Religions inspire devout individuals to uphold their tenets. Many of these devotees seek to bring respite and hope, but others have darker motives.


Acolyte of Nethys (Creature 1), Priest of Pharasma (Creature 6), Prophet (Creature 2), Zealot of Asmodeus (Creature 4)

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Spell Swap Example

To make a NE acolyte or priest of Urgathoa, you can use these spells. 3rd bind undead, circle of protection, harm (×3), vampiric touch; 2nd dispel magic, false life, ghoulish cravings; 1st bane, fear, ray of enfeeblement; Cantrips chill touch, detect magic, divine lance, guidance, shield; Cleric Domain Spell undeath's blessing

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Swapping Deities

Customize an acolyte or priest by matching their deity's alignment and favored weapon, adding the deity's divine skill at +14 (or +7), and swapping spells. An example appears on the facing page. (An acolyte gains only the 1st-level spells, domain spell, and cantrips, and has two 1st-level heal spells instead of three 3rd-level heal spells.) If you swap harm spells for heal, replace Healing Hands with the Selective Energy cleric feat.