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Theme Templates and Monsters

Source Character Guide pg. 117
While these theme templates are mainly intended to be applied to existing NPC stat blocks, they can be applied to other creatures with ease. This can help you create unique or otherwise interesting NPCs, such as a minotaur who is a member of the Pathfinder Society or a ghost who serves the Whispering Way. When using these templates, use the one that most represents the creature's intended affiliations; while it is technically possible to have a creature that is a member of multiple organizations, such as a character who is a member of both the Pathfinders and the Hellknights, using more than one template is not recommended, and any templates with mutually incompatible instructions (such as one template that requires the creature to remove the chaotic trait and gain the lawful trait and one template that requires the creature to remove the lawful trait and gain the chaotic trait) should not be combined.