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Chapter 10: Game Mastering / Running Modes of Play / Downtime

Cost of Living

Source Core Rulebook pg. 502
For short periods of downtime, characters are usually just passing through a settlement or spending a bit of time there. They can use the prices for inn stays and meals found here. For long stretches of downtime, use the values on Table 6–16: Cost of Living. Deduct these costs from a character’s funds after they gain any money from their other downtime activities.

Table 6-16: Cost of Living

Standard of LivingWeekMonthYear
Subsistence*4 sp2 gp24 gp
Comfortable1 gp4 gp52 gp
Fine30 gp130 gp1,600 gp
Extravagant100 gp430 gp5,200 gp
* You can attempt to Subsist using Society or Survival for free.

A character can live off the land instead, but each day they do, they typically use the Subsist activity to the exclusion of any other downtime activity.