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Emblazon Divinity Feat 20

Source Pathfinder #150: Broken Promises pg. 76
Prerequisites Emblazon Armament

Your sacred etchings imbue objects with power. It takes you only 1 minute to emblazon a symbol using Emblazon Armament, and you can have up to four symbols emblazoned at a time. Each item can still have only one symbol emblazoned upon it, and if you exceed the limit of four, the oldest symbol disappears. These symbols can benefit even those who don’t follow the deity, provided they aren’t directly opposed (as determined by the GM).

You can select a different benefit for each emblazoned symbol, chosen from any you have from Emblazon Armament or other feats such as Emblazon Energy or Emblazon Antimagic.

Paragons of Promise

Source Pathfinder #150: Broken Promises pg. 75
The citizens of Promise represent some of the most capable experts, greatest minds, and powerful warriors on Golarion—ideal teachers and trainers for PCs who want to maximize their own potential. If the PCs secure Visitor’s Pins or an alliance with Mengkare, their access to Promise’s trainers and records unlock all of the following uncommon class feats.

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