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Athletics Feats

Source Core Rulebook pg. 255 2.0
All kinds of experiences and training can shape your character beyond what you learn by advancing in your class. Abilities that require a degree of training but can be learned by anyone—not only members of certain ancestries or classes—are called general feats.

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PFS StandardArmor Assist1Skill, Generaltrained in Athletics or Warfare LoreDon armor more quickly.
PFS StandardCombat Climber1Skill, Generaltrained in AthleticsFight more effectively as you Climb.
PFS StandardHefty Hauler1Skill, Generaltrained in AthleticsIncrease your Bulk limits by 2.
PFS StandardQuick Jump1Skill, Generaltrained in AthleticsHigh Jump or Long Jump as a single action.
PFS StandardTitan Wrestler1Skill, Generaltrained in AthleticsDisarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip larger creatures.
PFS StandardUnderwater Marauder1Skill, Generaltrained in AthleticsFight more effectively underwater.
PFS StandardLead Climber2Skill, Generalexpert in AthleticsMake Climbing safer for allies who Follow the Expert.
PFS StandardPowerful Leap2Skill, Generalexpert in AthleticsJump farther and higher.
PFS StandardRapid Mantel2Skill, Generalexpert in AthleticsPull yourself onto ledges quickly.
PFS StandardQuick Climber7Skill, Generalmaster in AthleticsClimb swiftly.
PFS StandardQuick Swim7Skill, Generalmaster in AthleticsSwim quickly.
PFS StandardWall Jump7Skill, Generalmaster in AthleticsJump off walls.
PFS StandardWater Sprint7Skill, Generalmaster in AthleticsStride across the surface of a body of water.
PFS StandardCloud Jump15Skill, Generallegendary in AthleticsJump impossible distances.