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PFS StandardDisturbing Knowledge Two ActionsFeat 7

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 205
Prerequisites master in Occultism

You utter a litany of dreadful names, prophecies, and descriptions of realms beyond mortal comprehension, drawn from your study of forbidden tomes and scrolls. Even those who don't understand your language are unsettled by these dire secrets. Attempt an Occultism check and compare the result to the Will DC of an enemy within 30 feet, or to the Will DCs of any number of enemies within 30 feet if you are legendary in Occultism. Those creatures are temporarily immune for 24 hours.

Critical Success The target becomes confused for 1 round and frightened 1.
Success The target becomes frightened 1.
Failure The target is unaffected.
Critical Failure You get overly caught up in your own words and become frightened 1.