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Paragon Battle Medicine Feat 7

Source Legends pg. 72
Prerequisites Battle Medicine, master in Medicine

Kassi Aziril taught you her techniques that originated the modern use of Battle Medicine. When you successfully use Battle Medicine, you can also reduce the target's sickened, enfeebled, or clumsy condition by 1 (this has no effect if you are subject to an effect continually applying the clumsy condition, like enlarge). If you are legendary in Medicine, you can choose to reduce the target's frightened or stunned condition by 1 instead, and if you have the Godless Healing feat, you can choose to reduce the target's stupefied or drained condition by 1 instead. If you have the Mortal Healing feat, you can reduce all available conditions by 1 for a target who hasn't benefited from positive or healing magic in the last 24 hours, and if you roll a critical success before applying the effects of the feat, you reduce all available conditions by 2 for that target instead.