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PFS StandardImpossible Volley Three ActionsFeat 18

Source Core Rulebook pg. 153 2.0
Archetype Eldritch Archer*
Requirements You are wielding a ranged weapon with the volley trait and reload 0.
* This archetype offers Impossible Volley at a different level than displayed here.

You fire a volley at all foes in an area. Make one Strike with a –2 penalty against each enemy within a 10-foot-radius burst centered at or beyond your weapon’s volley range. Roll the damage only once for all targets.

Each attack counts toward your multiple attack penalty, but do not increase your penalty until you have made all your attacks.

Special When taken as a Fighter feat, this feat has the Flourish and Open traits.

Archetype Use

This feat can be used for one or more Archetypes in addition to the listed Classes. When selected this way, the feat is not considered to have its class traits.



Flourish actions are actions that require too much exertion to perform a large number in a row. You can use only 1 action with the flourish trait per turn.


These maneuvers work only as the first salvo on your turn. You can use an open only if you haven’t used an action with the attack or open trait yet this turn.