General | Skill

Eye of the Arclords Single ActionFeat 2

Source Lost Omens World Guide pg. 81
Frequency once per day;
Prerequisites expert in Arcana, Arcane Sense;
Access You are a member of the Arclords of Nex.

You open an incandescent third eye upon your forehead. The eye can remain open for 1 minute, and you can close it before then with a single action with the concentrate trait. It can remain open for 2 minutes if you’re a master in Arcana, or 5 minutes if you’re legendary. While the eye is open, you gain the following benefits: you gain the effects of the detect magic arcane innate spell from your Arcane Sense at the start of each of your turns without needing to cast the spell; you gain darkvision; you gain a +2 status bonus to Perception checks to Seek undetected and hidden creatures and to your Perception DC against Hide and Sneak. After your third eye closes, you are dazzled for an amount of time equal to how long you had it open.