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Source Core Rulebook pg. 255
All kinds of experiences and training can shape your character beyond what you learn by advancing in your class. Abilities that require a degree of training but can be learned by anyone—not only members of certain ancestries or classes—are called general feats.

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PFS StandardReach Spell1Metamagic, Bard, Cleric, Concentrate, Druid, Sorcerer, WizardYou can extend your spells’ range.
PFS StandardWiden Spell1Metamagic, Druid, Manipulate, Sorcerer, WizardYou manipulate the energy of your spell, causing it to spread out and affect a wider area.
PFS StandardConceal Spell2Metamagic, Concentrate, Manipulate, WizardHiding your gestures and incantations within other speech and movement, you attempt to conceal the fact that you are casting a spell.
PFS StandardCommand Undead4Metamagic, Cleric, Concentrateharmful font, evil alignmentYou grasp the animating force within an undead creature and bend it to your will.
PFS StandardForm Control4Metamagic, Druid, ManipulateStrength 14, Wild ShapeWith additional care and effort, you can take on an alternate form for a longer period of time.
PFS StandardMelodious Spell4Metamagic, Bard, Concentrate, ManipulateYou subtly weave your spellcasting into your performance.
PFS StandardMercy4Metamagic, Champion, ConcentrateYour touch relieves fear and restores movement.
PFS StandardNecrotic Infusion4Metamagic, Cleric, Concentrateharmful font, evil alignmentYou pour negative energy into your undead subject to empower its attacks.
PFS StandardSilent Spell4Metamagic, Concentrate, WizardConceal SpellYou’ve learned how to cast many of your spells without speaking the words of power you would normally need to provide.
PFS StandardCascade Bearer's Flexibility6Metamagic, ArchetypeMagaambyan Attendant Dedication, Cascade Bearers affiliationYou call upon your Cascade Bearer training to help you adjust a spell for the current situation.
PFS StandardCast Down6Metamagic, Cleric, Concentrateharmful font or healing fontThe sheer force of your faith can bring a foe crashing down.
PFS StandardHarmonize6Metamagic, Bard, Concentrate, Manipulatemaestro museYou can perform multiple compositions simultaneously.
PFS StandardTempest-Sun Redirection6Metamagic, ArchetypeMagaambyan Attendant Dedication, Tempest-Sun Mages affiliationIf the next action you use is to Cast a Spell from your spell slots that damages other creatures, you can bend some of that spell’s offensive energy, protecting allies in the area and boosting your own defenses against certain foes.
PFS StandardBond Conservation8Metamagic, Manipulate, Wizardarcane bondBy carefully manipulating the arcane energies stored in your bonded item as you drain it, you can conserve just enough power to cast another, slightly weaker spell.
PFS StandardDualistic Synergy8Metamagic, ArchetypeHalcyon Speaker DedicationIf your next action is to Cast a Spell from your spell slots, you gain a benefit.
PFS StandardHealing Transformation10Metamagic, DruidYou can take advantage of shapechanging magic to close wounds and patch injuries.
PFS StandardHeroic Recovery10Metamagic, Cleric, Concentratehealing font, good alignmentThe restorative power of your healing invigorates the recipient.
PFS StandardOverwhelming Energy10Metamagic, Druid, Manipulate, Sorcerer, WizardYou alter your spells to overcome resistances.
PFS StandardQuickened Casting10Metamagic, Bard, Concentrate, Sorcerer, WizardYou are able to quickly cast a spell.
PFS StandardUnusual Composition10Metamagic, Bard, Concentrate, Manipulatepolymath museYou can translate the emotion and power of a composition to other mediums.
PFS StandardDefensive Recovery12Metamagic, Cleric, Concentrateharmful font or healing fontYour faith provides temporary protection in addition to healing.
PFS StandardInterweave Dispel14Metamagic, Sorcererdispel magic in your spell repertoireYou weave dispelling energy into a spell, sending both effects at a foe.
PFS StandardEchoing Channel18Metamagic, Cleric, ConcentrateWhen you pull forth positive or negative energy, you also create a smaller pocket of that energy.
PFS StandardBloodline Conduit20Metamagic, SorcererYour inborn magical nature lets you redirect ambient energies to fuel your spells.
PFS StandardLeyline Conduit20Metamagic, Concentrate, Druid, ManipulateYou can cast your spells effortlessly by tapping into the leylines of the world.
PFS StandardSynergistic Spell20Metamagic, ArchetypeHalcyon Spellcasting Initiate, Fulminating Synergy, legendary in Arcana and NatureYou combine your synergy and spells into a fantastic web of magic, allowing you to cast two spells at once.