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Ranger Feats

Every level at which you gain a Ranger feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardAnimal Companion1Ranger, Druid[Druid] animal orderYou gain the service of a young animal companion that travels with you.
PFS StandardCrossbow Ace1RangerYou have a deep understanding of the crossbow.
PFS StandardGravity Weapon1RangerYour expertise with your weapons and commitment to taking out your targets lends you magical power.
PFS StandardHeal Companion1Rangeran animal companionYou have a deep devotion to your animal companion that enables you to magically heal their wounds.
PFS StandardHunted Shot1Ranger, FlourishYou take two quick shots against the one you hunt.
PFS StandardMonster Hunter1RangerYou swiftly assess your prey and apply what you know.
PFS StandardTwin Takedown1Ranger, FlourishYou swiftly attack your hunted prey with both weapons.
PFS StandardFavored Terrain2RangerYou have studied a specific terrain to overcome its challenges.
PFS StandardHunter's Aim2Ranger, ConcentrateWhen you focus on aiming, your attack becomes particularly accurate.
PFS StandardMagic Hide2Rangeran animal companion, warden spellsYou can defend your companion in battle.
PFS StandardMonster Warden2RangerMonster HunterYou understand how to defend yourself and others against your prey.
PFS StandardQuick Draw2Ranger, RogueYou draw your weapon and attack with the same motion.
PFS LimitedRelentless Stalker2Ranger, Move, UncommonStay adjacent to your prey when they attempt to move away.
PFS StandardSnare Hopping2RangerSnare Crafting, warden spellsYou can magically move your snares around.
PFS StandardWild Empathy2RangerYou have a connection to the creatures of the natural world.
PFS StandardAnimal Feature4Rangerwarden spellsYou are so connected with the animal world that you can grant yourself an animal's features and abilities.
PFS StandardCompanion's Cry4Rangeran animal companionYou can urge your companion to do its utmost.
PFS StandardDisrupt Prey4RangerMake a melee Strike against your prey.
PFS StandardFar Shot4RangerYour experience in the field has taught you how to focus your aim at a distance.
PFS StandardFavored Enemy4RangerYou have studied a specific type of wild creature and can hunt it more easily.
PFS StandardHunter's Luck4Rangerwarden spellsYour recollection of monsters is magically enhanced by luck.
PFS StandardRunning Reload4RangerYou can reload your weapon on the move.
PFS StandardScout's Warning4Ranger, RogueYou visually or audibly warn your allies of danger.
PFS StandardSnare Specialist4Rangerexpert in Crafting, Snare CraftingYou specialize in creating quick traps to obstruct your enemies on the battlefield.
PFS StandardSoothing Mist4Rangerwarden spellsYou have a connection to the healing properties of nature and can produce a magical mist to heal damage and stop burning or bleeding.
PFS StandardTwin Parry4Ranger, Fighter, SwashbucklerYou use your two weapons to parry attacks.
PFS StandardAdditional Recollection6RangerYou scan the battlefield quickly, remembering critical details about multiple opponents you face.
PFS StandardEphemeral Tracking6Rangerexpert in Survival, warden spellsYou are able to track your quarry through impossible places.
PFS StandardMature Animal Companion (Ranger)6RangerAnimal CompanionYour animal companion grows up, gaining additional capabilities.
PFS StandardQuick Snares6Rangerexpert in Crafting, Snare SpecialistYou can rig a snare in only moments.
PFS StandardRanger's Bramble6Rangerwarden spellsYou can cause plants to grow and trap your foes with thorns.
PFS StandardSkirmish Strike6Ranger, Flourish, RogueYour feet and weapon move in tandem.
PFS StandardSnap Shot6RangerYou’ve learned to react with ranged weapons when a creature is in close quarters.
PFS StandardSwift Tracker6Rangerexpert in Survival, Experienced TrackerYour keen eyes catch signs of passage even when you’re moving.
PFS StandardBlind-Fight8Ranger, Fighter, Investigator, Roguemaster in PerceptionYour battle instincts make you more aware of concealed and invisible opponents.
PFS StandardDeadly Aim8Ranger, Openweapon specializationYou aim for your prey’s weak spots, making your shot more challenging but dealing more damage if you hit.
PFS StandardEnlarge Companion8Rangeran animal companion, warden spellsYou make your companion enormous.
PFS StandardHazard Finder8RangerYou have an intuitive ability to sense hazards.
PFS StandardPowerful Snares8Rangermaster in Crafting, Snare SpecialistYour snares are particularly dif cult for enemies to avoid.
PFS StandardTerrain Master8Rangermaster in Survival, Favored TerrainYou adapt to your surroundings in any natural terrain.
PFS StandardWarden's Boon8RangerBy pointing out vulnerabilities, you grant an ally benefits from your hunting abilities.
PFS StandardCamouflage10Rangermaster in StealthYou alter your appearance to blend in to the wilderness.
PFS StandardHunter's Vision10Rangerwarden spellsYou are so focused on your hunted prey that you can see it clearly even beyond the limits of your senses.
PFS StandardIncredible Companion (Ranger)10RangerMature Animal CompanionYour animal companion continues to grow and develop.
PFS StandardMaster Monster Hunter10Rangermaster in Nature, Monster HunterYou have a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of all creatures of the world.
PFS StandardPenetrating Shot10Ranger, OpenYou shoot clear through an intervening creature to hit your prey.
PFS StandardTerrain Transposition10Rangerwarden spellsYou are so connected to the wilderness that you can magically jump from place to place within it.
PFS StandardTwin Riposte10Ranger, FighterA clever parry with one weapon leaves your opponent open to an attack with the other weapon.
PFS StandardWarden's Step10Rangermaster in StealthYou can guide your allies to move quietly through the wilderness.
PFS StandardDistracting Shot12RangerThe sheer power of your attacks, or the overwhelming number of them, leaves an enemy flustered.
PFS StandardDouble Prey12RangerYou can focus on two foes at once, hunting both of them down.
PFS StandardLightning Snares12Rangermaster in Crafting, Quick Snares, Snare SpecialistYou can rig a trap with incredible speed.
PFS StandardSecond Sting12Ranger, PressYou read your prey’s movements and transform them into openings, so failures with one weapon set up glancing blows with the other.
PFS StandardSide by Side (Ranger)12Rangeran animal companionYou and your animal companion fight in tandem, distracting your foes and keeping them of balance.
PFS StandardWarden's Focus12Rangerwarden spellsYour connection with your surroundings grows deeper as you focus.
PFS StandardSense the Unseen14Ranger, Investigator, RogueWhen you look for foes, you can catch even the slightest cues.
PFS StandardShared Prey14RangerDouble Prey, Warden’s BoonHunting as a duo, you and your ally both single out your prey.
PFS StandardStealthy Companion14Rangeran animal companion, CamouflageYou’ve trained your animal companion to blend in to its surroundings.
PFS StandardTargeting Shot14Ranger, Concentrate, PressHunter’s AimYou carefully track your prey’s position and defenses.
PFS StandardWarden's Guidance14RangerYou can convey your prey’s location to your allies, no matter how well hidden it is.
PFS StandardGreater Distracting Shot16RangerDistracting ShotEven a single missile can throw of your enemy’s balance, and more powerful attacks leave it flustered for longer.
PFS StandardImproved Twin Riposte (Ranger)16RangerTwin RiposteYou are able to riposte an additional time per turn.
PFS StandardLegendary Monster Hunter16Rangerlegendary in Nature, Master Monster HunterYour knowledge of monsters is so incredible that it reveals glaring flaws in your prey.
PFS StandardSpecialized Companion (Ranger)16RangerIncredible CompanionYour animal companion has become cunning enough to become specialized.
PFS StandardUbiquitous Snares16RangerSnare SpecialistYou can prepare a seemingly impossible number of snares in advance, and you’re ready to spring them on unsuspecting foes.
PFS StandardImpossible Flurry18Ranger, Flourish, OpenYou forgo precision to attack at an impossible speed.
PFS StandardImpossible Volley18Ranger, Fighter, Flourish, OpenYou fire a volley at all foes in an area.
PFS StandardManifold Edge18Rangerhunter’s edge, masterful hunterYou’ve learned every possible edge to use against your foes.
PFS StandardMasterful Companion18Rangermasterful hunter, Animal CompanionYour animal companion shares your incredible hunting skills, allowing it to take down your shared prey with ease.
PFS StandardPerfect Shot18Ranger, FlourishAfter watching the motions of combat with incredible intensity and precision, you fire at your prey at the perfect moment to deliver maximum pain.
PFS StandardShadow Hunter18RangerCamouflageYou blend in to your surroundings so well that others have trouble telling you apart from the terrain.
PFS StandardWarden's Wellspring18RangerWarden's FocusYou command unparalleled focus when you commune with the world around you.
PFS StandardAccurate Flurry20RangerImpossible FlurryYou refine the precision of your unbelievable storm of blows.
PFS StandardImpossible Snares20RangerUbiquitous SnaresYou can create endless shorter-lived snares, protecting your lair or using them against foes.
PFS StandardLegendary Shot20Rangermasterful hunter, legendary in Perception, Far ShotYou focus on your hunted prey, perceiving angles, air resistance, and every variable that would af ect your ranged attack.
Mimic Protections20Ranger, UncommonBy adopting resonant reflections, you have learned to copy the abilities of other creatures as well.
Superior Sight20Ranger, UncommonIncrease your visual acuity.
PFS StandardTo the Ends of the Earth20Rangerlegendary in SurvivalYour ability to track your prey has surpassed explanation, allowing you to trace your prey’s movements and predict its location with ease.
PFS StandardTriple Threat20RangerShared PreyYou can divide your attention three ways when hunting.
PFS StandardUltimate Skirmisher20Rangerwild strideYou are so skilled at navigating the wild, your movement is completely unaffected by terrain.