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HwachaItem 4

Legacy Content

Uncommon Large Mounted 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 175
Price 180 gp; Ammunition 100 hwacha arrows (2 gp, 1 Bulk)
Usage mounted (black powder); Space 8 feet long, 6 feet wide, 6 feet high
Crew 1-4; Proficiency simple
AC 16; Fort +11; Ref +4
Hardness 5; HP 40 (BT 20); Immunities object immunities
Speed 25 feet (pulled or pushed)
Rather than a shoot a single, large projectile like a boulder, the hwacha fires dozens of rocket-propelled arrows at once. The frame of the hwacha holds 100 tubes, each loaded with an arrow or a small bundle of arrows wrapped with a small amount of black powder and attached to a fuse. By lighting a master fuse, you can make all of the arrows fire in rapid succession.
Aim [two-actions] 40 feet, minimum distance 40 feet
Load [three-actions] (manipulate) Each Load action loads 10 hwacha arrows. Taking the Launch action requires three Load actions to load 30 hwacha arrows, but you can continue to Load more arrows to increase the effect of the next Launch action, as detailed below.
Launch [one-action] (manipulate, range increment 300 feet) 4d8 piercing, 20-foot burst, DC 18 Reflex. If you loaded at least 70 hwacha arrows, the area increases to a 25-foot burst. If you loaded 100 hwacha arrows, the area increases to a 30-foot burst and the damage to 5d8 piercing.