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Champion Feats

Every level at which you gain a Champion feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

Deity's Domain1ChampionYou embody an aspect of your deity.
Everstand Stance1Champion, Fighter, Stance, UncommonYou brace your shield with both hands, enhancing its potential for both offense and defense
Ranged Reprisal1Championpaladin causeYou can use Retributive Strike with a ranged weapon.
Unimpeded Step1Championliberator causeWith a burst of divine liberation, your spur your ally’s movement.
Weight of Guilt1Championredeemer causeGuilt clouds the minds of those who ignore your Glimpse of Redemption.
Divine Grace2ChampionYou call upon your deity’s grace.
Dragonslayer Oath2Champion, Oathtenets of goodYou’ve sworn to slay evil dragons.
Fiendsbane Oath2Champion, Oathtenets of goodYou’ve sworn an oath to banish the corruption of fiends to the dark planes they call home.
Shining Oath2Champion, Oathtenets of goodYou’ve sworn an oath to put the undead to rest.
Vengeful Oath2Champion, Oathpaladin causeYou’ve sworn an oath to hunt down wicked evildoers and bring them to judgment.
Aura of Courage4Championtenets of goodYou stand strong in the face of danger and inspire your allies to do the same.
Divine Health4Championtenets of goodYour faith makes you resistant to disease.
Everstand Strike4Champion, Fighter, Press, UncommonEverstand Stance Your follow-up blow leaves you an opening to set your shield
Light of Revelation4Champion, UncommonYou’ve learned to call upon light to reveal what is hidden
Mercy4Champion, Concentrate, MetamagicYour touch relieves fear and restores movement.
Sun Blade4Champion, UncommonYou can unleash burning sunlight from your sword or spear
Attack of Opportunity6Champion, BarbarianYou swat a foe that leaves an opening.
Litany Against Wrath6Championdevotion spells, tenets of goodYou excoriate a foe for its wrath against goodly creatures.
Loyal Warhorse6Championdivine ally (steed)You and your mount have grown closer, and your loyalty to each other is unbreakable.
Shield Warden6Champion, Fighter[Champion] divine ally (shield), tenets of good; [Fighter] shield blockYou use your shield to protect your allies as well as yourself.
Smite Evil6Championdivine ally (blade)Your blade ally becomes an even more powerful tool against evildoers.
Advanced Deity's Domain8ChampionDeity’s DomainThrough your conviction, you have glimpsed the deeper secrets of your deity’s domain.
Greater Mercy8ChampionMercyYour faith enhances your ability to remove conditions.
Heal Mount8Championdivine ally (steed)Your devotion to your mount manifests as a surge of positive energy.
Impassable Wall Stance8Champion, Fighter, UncommonAttack of OpportunityYou refuse to let foes past your guard
Quick Block8ChampionYou can block with your shield instinctively.
Second Ally8Championdivine allyYour inner grace attracts the attention of a second protective spirit.
Sense Evil8Championtenets of goodYou sense evil as a queasy or foreboding feeling.
Devoted Focus10Championdevotion spellsYour devotion is strong enough to increase your focus to incredible heights.
Imposing Destrier10Championdivine ally (steed), Loyal WarhorseUnder your care, your mount has realized its innate potential.
Litany Against Sloth10Championdevotion spells, tenets of goodYou rail against the sin of sloth, turning a foe’s laziness against it.
Radiant Blade Spirit10Championdivine ally (blade)Your divine ally radiates power, enhancing your chosen weapon.
Shield of Reckoning10Champion, Flourishchampion’s reaction, divine ally (shield), tenets of good, Shield WardenWhen you shield your ally against an attack, you call upon your power to protect your ally further.
Affliction Mercy12ChampionMercyThe divine grace that flows through you grants reprieve from an affliction.
Aura of Faith12Championtenets of goodYou radiate an aura of pure belief that imbues your attacks and those of nearby allies with holy power.
Blade of Justice12Championpaladin causeYou call upon divine power and make a weapon or unarmed Strike against a foe you have witnessed harming an ally or innocent.
Champion's Sacrifice12Championtenets of goodYou can suffer so that others might live.
Divine Wall12ChampionYou are wielding a shield.You use your shield to harry your enemies, preventing them from stepping away from or around you.
Lasting Doubt12Championredeemer causeWhen you cast doubt upon your foes, the effect lasts longer than usual.
Liberating Stride12Championliberator causeYour allies can move farther when you release them from harm
Anchoring Aura14ChampionFiendsbane OathYour aura hampers fiends’ teleportation.
Aura of Life14ChampionShining OathYour aura protects against necromantic effects.
Aura of Righteousness14Championtenets of goodYour righteous aura dampens evil’s might.
Aura of Vengeance14Championexalt, Vengeful OathWhen you call upon others to take retribution, you also guide their aim.
Divine Reflexes14ChampionYou can use your champion's reaction more
Litany of Righteousness14Championtenets of goodYou call upon righteousness to expose an evil foe’s weakness.
Wyrmbane Aura14ChampionDragonslayer OathYour aura protects against destructive energies and dragons’ breath.
Auspicious Mount16Championdivine ally (steed), Imposing DestrierGuided by your ongoing care, your steed has developed incredible intelligence and skill.
Instrument of Zeal16Championdivine ally (blade), tenets of goodDivine energy fills your weapon.
Shield of Grace16ChampionShield WardenYou protect an ally with both your shield and your body.
Celestial Form18Championtenets of goodYou take on a celestial countenance, appearing like a type of celestial who serves your deity.
Ultimate Mercy18ChampionMercyYour mercy transcends the bounds of life and death.
Celestial Mount20Championdivine ally (steed), tenets of goodYour steed gains incredible celestial powers granted by your deity.
Radiant Blade Master20Championdivine ally (blade), Radiant Blade SpiritYour divine ally turns your chosen weapon into a paragon of its type.
Shield Paragon20Championdivine ally (shield)Your shield is a vessel of divine protection.