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Source Core Rulebook pg. 559 2.0
Some entries in the ranged weapons tables are followed by an entry indicating the type of ammunition that weapon launches. The damage die is determined by the weapon, not the ammunition. Because that and other relevant statistics vary by weapon, ammunition entries list only the name, quantity, Price, and Bulk.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Shining AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Light, Magical13 gp
Antler ArrowPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical27 gp
Beacon ShotPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical310 gp
Vine ArrowPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical310 gp
Sleep ArrowPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Enchantment, Magical, Mental, Sleep311 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type I)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation312 gp
Climbing BoltPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical415 gp
Viper ArrowPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical417 gp
Freezing AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonCold, Consumable, Evocation, Magical525 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type II)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation530 gp
Terrifying AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Emotion, Enchantment, Fear, Magical, Mental650 gp
Starshot Arrow (Lesser)PFS StandardRareConjuration, Consumable, Magical755 gp
Corrosive AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical770 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type III)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation770 gp
Explosive AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Fire, Magical9130 gp
Storm ArrowPFS StandardCommonAir, Consumable, Electricity, Evocation, Magical9130 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type IV)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation9150 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type V)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation11300 gp
Penetrating AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation12400 gp
Explosive Ammunition (Greater)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Fire, Magical13520 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type VI)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation13600 gp
Starshot Arrow (Greater)PFS StandardRareConjuration, Consumable, Magical14800 gp
Ghost AmmunitionPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation14900 gp
Garrote Bolt UncommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation151200 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Disintegration BoltPFS StandardUncommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical151300 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type VII)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation151300 gp
Stone BulletPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation151300 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type VIII)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation173000 gp
Spellstrike Ammunition (Type IX)PFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Transmutation198000 gp