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PFS StandardTalos (Versatile Heritage)

Uncommon Talos 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 50
Taloses, geniekin gifted with magic from the Plane of Metal, resonate with the unlimited potential of raw ore, the treasured shine of polished gold, or the forgiving ring of a hammer reforging a broken blade.

As the Plane of Metal renews its contact with other planes, its influence over the bloodlines of those descended from its elemental denizens results in an ever-increasing number of the planar scions known as taloses. This isn't limited to only newborns—it can spring forth in adults with latent connections, fed by the explosion of elemental metal magic cascading across the Universe. Other lineages have lingered in on Golarion since before the elemental plane's retreat, mistaken for other planar scions such as oreads or aphorites. Some talos lineages possess an inherent connection to a particular aspect of elemental metal, such as iron-based ferrous metals, lustrous precious metals, or the rare liquid metals such as mercury or djezet. Often, but not always, these taloses share their lineage with their parents. Taloses can most often be found among alchemists, smiths, inventors, and miners—anyone who works with metal for a living.

You Might...

  • Feel a strong connection to elemental metal and believe aspects such as its luster or mutability represent core elements of your personality.
  • Enjoy being the center of attention through flashy displays of your personal talents.
  • Take great pride in your elemental lineage, especially if you believe yourself related to a commanding zuhra shuyookh.

Others Probably...

  • Look to you as an authority on metallurgy or the elemental Plane of Metal.
  • Presume you to be a miner, alchemist, or smith.
  • Assume that you must be sharp-tempered, unyielding, or that you are too ostentatious for your own good.

Physical Description

Taloses come in all shapes and sizes. Skin color ranges from the matte black of cast iron to lustrous platinum, copper to brass; even the blue-green of abysium and other skymetal colors make rare but not unheard-of appearances. Hair covers the same range of color and an even wider variety of metallic textures, from tight, sharp coils of steel wool to strands of gold as thin as spun thread, or even delicate chains of silver or iron. Hair length and style are equally varied.

Taloses bear a passing resemblance to other ancestries and heritages with bodies partially made of metal, which may lead to confusion early in life before their elemental metal affinity becomes clear. As they are born, not built, taloses bear none of the telltale seams or circuits of androids and other construct. Taloses also lack the uncanny mathematical balance of aphorites; their bodies may bear the rough texture of beaten silver, the iridescent swirls of Numerian steel, or the scuffs, rust, and tarnish left by a long or hard life. As for their oread cousins, the greatest physical indicator of a talos in comparison is a distinct lack of nonmetallic, earthy features; most oreads will have at least a bit of cragginess around the edges that a talos lacks.


A talos is most often born and raised amid the society of their mortal family. The general lack of widespread knowledge about the Plane of Metal can result in the sense of isolation common to geniekin, which might be especially pronounced for a young talos. Talos children tend to be quick-witted and mercurial, prone to flamboyant displays of their natural talents and hard-won skills in an ongoing quest for attention. Those taloses who don't go into fields utilizing alchemy, smithing, or other forms of metalwork often become performers or diplomats to put their natural charisma and (sometimes literally) magnetic personalities to work.


Taloses are often regarded as independent and inconstant, with detractors writing them off as “all flash, no substance.” They sometimes have difficulty connecting with other people but are rarely actively malicious; even those who lack confidence tend to be good at faking it well enough to get by. The most popular deities among religious-minded taloses are gods of metals and crafts: Torag in particular, but also the likes of Daikitsu and Grandmother Spider. Some taloses feel a kinship with the metal goddesses Brigh and Casandalee, while others object to being conflated with constructs. Those hailing from the Plane of Metal often revere Laudinmio and Ferrumnestra, the elemental lords of metal; however, most from the Universe are hesitant to follow suit until learning more about these long-absent entities.

Popular Edicts make your elemental ancestors proud, refine your passions and skills, craft beautiful and durable objects
Popular Anathema let the metal within you grow tarnished


Taloses who become adventurers often get their starts as artisans, entertainers, merchants, miners, or tinkerers. Many are driven by a desire for adventure, personal glory, or financial independence, and will flit from one adventuring company to another until they find their perfect fit. Taloses who favor crafting naturally gravitate toward being alchemists and inventors, while those who crave the spotlight often become bards.

Other Information

Family Relations

Most taloses descend from zuhras, the genies native to the Plane of Metal, but there are other possibilities as well. Gildedsoul taloses may be distantly descended from a sky dragon, lending scaled patterns to their skin and fangs to their mouths. On the other hand, a quicksoul talos may not be descended from any elemental at all, and instead result from their parent's extended exposure to metal-based alchemical fumes during pregnancy.

Talos Settlements

Taloses living on the Plane of Metal most often build their communities on the outskirts of zuhra cities. These neighborhoods tend to be tight-knit communities and are considerably warmer toward other planar denizens than the aloof zuhras. Grand Conduu, a community bordering Argyris, has welcomed an influx of immigrants from the Universe after the Plane of Metal became more accessible, causing some to jokingly nickname it “Little Golarion.”

Versatile Heritage

PFS StandardTalos

Source Rage of Elements pg. 51
Ancestry Page Talos
Your physical features reflect the influence a zuhra or other metal elemental has had over your bloodline. Your skin likely has a metallic sheen, ranging from the dull luster of raw ore to the gleaming polish of a new blade, with the wear of age or hardship taking the form of tarnish, rust, or scouring. Your hair might resemble spun gold, coiled steel, copper wiring, or braided chains. You gain the talos trait, in addition to the traits from your ancestry. You gain resistance to electricity equal to half your level (minimum 1). You can cast the detect metal cantrip as an arcane innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell rank equal to half your level rounded up.

You can choose from talos feats, geniekin feats, and feats from your ancestry whenever you gain an ancestry feat.