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Precious Material Shields

Source Core Rulebook pg. 586 2.0
Shields made of precious materials are more expensive and have different durabilities. You can make bucklers and most shields out of any of these precious materials, but only darkwood can be used to make tower shields.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Cold Iron Buckler (Low-Grade)PFS StandardCommon230 gpL
Silver Buckler (Low-Grade)PFS StandardCommon230 gpL
Cold Iron Shield (Low-Grade)PFS StandardCommon234 gp1
Silver Shield (Low-Grade)PFS StandardCommon234 gp1
Cold Iron Buckler (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardCommon7300 gpL
Silver Buckler (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardCommon7300 gpL
Cold Iron Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardCommon7340 gp1
Silver Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardCommon7340 gp1
Adamantine Buckler (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8400 gpL
Darkwood Buckler (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8400 gpL
Dragonhide Buckler (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8400 gpL
Mithral Buckler (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8400 gpL
Adamantine Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8440 gp1
Darkwood Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8440 gpL
Dragonhide Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8440 gp1
Mithral Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8440 gpL
Darkwood Tower Shield (Standard-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon8560 gp3
Cold Iron Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardCommon155000 gpL
Silver Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardCommon155000 gpL
Cold Iron Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardCommon155500 gp1
Silver Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardCommon155500 gp1
Adamantine Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168000 gpL
Darkwood Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168000 gpL
Dragonhide Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168000 gpL
Mithral Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168000 gpL
Adamantine Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168800 gp1
Darkwood Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168800 gpL
Dragonhide Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168800 gp1
Mithral Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon168800 gpL
Darkwood Tower Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardUncommon1611200 gp3
Orichalcum Buckler (High-Grade)PFS StandardRare1712000 gpL
Orichalcum Shield (High-Grade)PFS StandardRare1713200 gp1