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Aasimar Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As an Aasimar, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAngelkin1Aasimar, LineageYou descend from an angel—a winged messenger from Nirvana or one of the other celestial realms—which gives you a knack for cultures and languages.
PFS StandardCelestial Eyes1Aasimarlow-light visionYou can see through darkness.
PFS StandardCelestial Lore1AasimarYou were raised with an aasimar or celestial relative, or you've devoted yourself to researching the secrets of the celestial realms.
PFS StandardEmberkin1Aasimar, LineageA peri's roaring spirit burns in your soul.
PFS StandardHalo1AasimarYou are surrounded by a halo of light and goodness at all times.
PFS StandardIdyllkin1Aasimar, LineageYour wild, unique features betray your agathion birthright.
PFS StandardLawbringer1Aasimar, LineageYou trace your lineage to archons: embodiments of heavenly virtues, guardians of the seven-tiered mountain of Heaven, and nurturers of law and virtue within mortals.
PFS StandardMusetouched1Aasimar, LineageYour blood sings with the liberating power of the azatas, living embodiments of freedom from the wild realm of Elysium.
PFS StandardPlumekith1Aasimar, LineageYour blood soars with the power of the magnificent garuda, proud and stoic avian warriors.
PFS StandardBlessed Blood (Aasimar)5AasimarYour freshly spilled blood is sanctified, and ingesting it causes effects similar to those of holy water.
PFS StandardCelestial Resistance5AasimarYour growing connection to your celestial forebears has granted you one of their resistances as well.
PFS StandardEmpyreal Blessing5AasimarYou can call forth a benediction upon your allies, whether you pray to a deity of the celestial realms or just find the power within yourself.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Aasimar, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardGaruda's Squall5Aasimar, LineagePlumekithGarudas' marksmanship and magic are second nature to you.
PFS StandardHealer's Halo5AasimarHaloYour halo can enhance positive energy.
PFS StandardTranquil Sanctuary5AasimarIdyllkinWhenever possible, you follow the serene path and encourage others to do the same.
PFS StandardAgathion Magic9AasimarIdyllkinThe harmonious magic of Nirvana flows through you.
PFS StandardAngelic Magic9AasimarAngelkinYou can tap into the magic of angels that runs through your blood.
PFS StandardArchon Magic9AasimarLawbringerYou can tap into the heavenly magic that is your birthright.
PFS StandardAzata Magic9AasimarMusetouchedYour lineage traces back to the realm of Elysium, and you can harness its magic using this connection.
PFS StandardCall of Elysium9AasimarMusetouchedThe wild wonder of Elysium harmonizes within you, and in dire straits, you can share its benefits with your allies.
PFS StandardCelestial Wings9Aasimar, Divine, Morph, TransmutationWith effort, you can call forth magical wings from your back, similar in appearance to those of your celestial forebears.
PFS StandardDivine Countermeasures9AasimarYou've studied your celestial heritage with the intent of better defending yourself, and you've found that your techniques are equally powerful against celestials, fiends, and other divine entities.
PFS StandardGaruda Magic9AasimarPlumekithYou are descended from the wondrous garudas, and their keen senses manifest in your magical prowess.
PFS StandardPeri Magic9AasimarEmberkinThe shimmering embers of the righteous peris crackle at your fingertips.
PFS StandardAasimar's Mercy13AasimarYour celestial powers allow you to remove lesser afflictions with ease.
PFS StandardCelestial Strikes13AasimarYour connection to good arms all your attacks against forces of evil.
PFS StandardEnforced Order13AasimarLawbringerYou never fail to strike down the ever-expanding reaches of chaos.
PFS LimitedFlame Jump13Aasimar, Concentrate, Divine, Exploration, Fire, Manipulate, TeleportationEmberkinYour peri lineage has opened your mind to fire's raw, purging essence.
PFS StandardPurge Sins13AasimarYou call on your celestial forebears to rid your body of all toxins and impurities.
PFS StandardSummon Celestial Kin13Aasimarany aasimar lineage featYou have a connection to the celestial realms, allowing you to summon a celestial ally.
PFS StandardTruespeech13Aasimar, UncommonAngelkinIt is paramount that you are understood and you understand others; language need not impede your message.
PFS StandardCelestial Word17AasimarYou can call forth a holy word from the celestial realms to punish your foes.
PFS StandardEternal Wings (Aasimar)17AasimarCelestial WingsYour wings are now a permanent part of your body.
PFS StandardRadiate Glory17Aasimar, Divine, Evocation, Light, VisualYour inherent glory radiates into the world with all the divine power of the celestial planes for 1 minute.