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Alchemical Poisons

Source Core Rulebook pg. 550
Alchemical poisons are potent toxins distilled or extracted from natural sources and made either stronger or easier to administer. Each poison’s stat block includes the Price and features for a single dose. Poison doses are typically kept in a vial or some other type of safe and secure container.

Applying alchemical poisons uses Interact actions. A poison typically requires one hand to pour into food or scatter in the air. Applying a poison to a weapon or another item requires two hands, with one hand holding the weapon or item. The Usage entry for a poison indicates the number of hands needed for a typical means of application, but the GM might determine that using poisons in other ways functions differently.

The full rules for how poisons and other afflictions work begin on page 457. A creature attempts the listed saving throw as soon as it’s exposed to the poison; on a failed save, the creature advances to stage 1 of the poison after any listed onset time elapses.

Some poisons have the virulent trait. This means the poison is harder to remove once it has taken effect; see Virulent Afflictions on page 458.

Click here for the full rules on Alchemical Poisons.

Arsenic13 gpL
Giant Centipede Venom14 gpL
Belladonna25 gpL
Black Smear Poison25 gpL
Black Adder Venom26 gpL
Lethargy Poison27 gpL
Blue Dragonfly Poison37 gpL
Cytillesh Oil310 gpL
Graveroot310 gpL
False Death525 gpL
Hunting Spider Venom525 gpL
Giant Scorpion Venom640 gpL
Giant Wasp Venom755 gpL
Isolation Draught755 gpL
Malyass Root Paste755 gpL
Addlebrain758 gpL
Nettleweed Residue875 gpL
Wyvern Poison880 gpL
Lich Dust9110 gpL
Spider Root9110 gpL
Wolfsbane10155 gpL
Shadow Essence10160 gpL
Blightburn Resin11225 gpL
Mage Bane12325 gpL
Slumber Wine12325 gpL
Deathcap Powder13450 gpL
Gorgon's Breath13475 gpL
Purple Worm Venom13500 gpL
Dragon Bile15925 gpL
Mindfog Mist151,000 gpL
Nightmare Vapor161,400 gpL
Weeping Midnight161,400 gpL
Brimstone Fumes161,500 gpL
Frenzy Oil161,500 gpL
Hemlock172,250 gpL
King's Sleep184,000 gpL
Black Lotus Extract196,500 gpL
Oblivion Essence196,500 gpL
Tears of Death2012,000 gpL
Nightmare Salt2014,000 gpL