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Source Rage of Elements pg. 177
While many ships are adorned with decorative carvings, daring crews sometimes procure magical figureheads for their vessels. Installing an item with the figurehead trait takes 1 hour. The item then shifts slightly to match the vessel's purpose or crew as determined by the attuned creature, such as gaining avian features on a tengu vessel. A ship can have only one figurehead attached to it at a time; attaching another one suppresses all the figureheads.
A figurehead can be activated only by a creature that's attuned to it, a process that takes 1 hour and can be performed while the creature is installing the figurehead. Only one creature can be attuned to the figurehead at a time unless otherwise noted. The attuned creature can activate the figurehead from anywhere aboard the vessel. Typically, the owner or captain of the vessel attunes to their vessel's figurehead.
The figureheads presented here assume the vehicles they attach to are sailing ships or similar aquatic vessels, but figureheads might be modified or crafted to function on other vehicles instead.

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