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Catfolk Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Catfolk, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardCat Nap1Catfolk, Concentrate, ExplorationYou can briefly sleep to regain your energy quickly.
PFS StandardCatfolk Dance1CatfolkYou have a habit of always being in the way when other creatures attempt to move.
PFS StandardCatfolk Lore1CatfolkGrowing up among catfolk has taught you the traditional values of freedom to travel, stewardship of the land, and quick reactions when your curiosity lands you in trouble.
PFS StandardCatfolk Weapon Familiarity1CatfolkYou favor weapons that you can use with quick, darting slashes like a cat's claws.
PFS StandardCat's Luck1Catfolk, FortuneYou instinctively twist away from danger.
PFS StandardSaberteeth1CatfolkYou have long fangs, natural or augmented.
PFS StandardWell-Met Traveler1CatfolkYou have seen people from so many walks of life in your travels that you naturally adopt a pleasant and affable demeanor when meeting others.
PFS StandardWinter Cat Senses1CatfolkWinter Catfolk heritageYour eyes are keen and accustomed to winter conditions.
PFS StandardCatfolk Weapon Rake5CatfolkCatfolk Weapon FamiliarityYou know how to efficiently use weapons that rake across your enemies.
PFS StandardClimbing Claws5CatfolkYou can extend your claws to aid you in climbing.
PFS StandardExpanded Luck5CatfolkCat's LuckYou are luckier even than most catfolk.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Catfolk, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardFocused Cat Nap5CatfolkCat Nap; focus poolWhen you Cat Nap, you can also Refocus as you dream of a relevant activity.
PFS StandardGraceful Guidance5CatfolkYou can demonstrate how to quickly twist out of the way of dangerous effects.
PFS StandardLight Paws5CatfolkYou can balance on your toes to step carefully over obstructions.
PFS StandardLucky Break5CatfolkCat's LuckYou catch yourself as you make a mistake.
PFS StandardPride Hunter5CatfolkYou avoid the attention of creatures focused on your allies.
PFS StandardSpringing Leaper5Catfolkexpert in AthleticsYour powerful legs allow you to make sudden and dramatic leaps.
PFS StandardAggravating Scratch9Catfolk, Diseaseclaw unarmed attackYour claws carry an irritant that is harmless to you but can be damaging to others.
PFS StandardEvade Doom9CatfolkYou can elude supernatural disaster.
PFS StandardNo Evidence9Catfolkexpert in SurvivalYou leave little sign when attempting to remain unseen.
PFS StandardPredator's Growl9Catfolkexpert in IntimidationYou give a throaty growl to attempt to Demoralize a creature you just found.
PFS StandardSense for Trouble9CatfolkCat's LuckYou can tell when something's off.
PFS StandardShared Luck (Catfolk)9CatfolkCat's LuckOther creatures can benefit from your luck
PFS StandardSilent Step9Catfolk, FlourishYou vanish with silent treads.
PFS StandardWary Skulker9CatfolkEver alert, you scout for danger even when you are trying to stay hidden.
PFS StandardWell-Groomed9CatfolkYou are fastidious about keeping yourself clean
PFS StandardBlack Cat Curse13Catfolk, Divination, Misfortune, OccultYou hiss a spiteful curse at the creature.
PFS StandardCaterwaul13Catfolk, Auditory, Concentrate, Emotion, MentalYou give a daring yowl in the face of adversity, calling your companion back from the brink of unconsciousness.
PFS StandardCatfolk Weapon Expertise13CatfolkCatfolk Weapon FamiliarityYou are well-trained in traditional catfolk weapons
PFS StandardInspirit Hazard13Catfolk, Concentrate, Occult, TransmutationYou awaken a spirit of creation within the hazard.
PFS StandardElude Trouble17CatfolkYou slip through your foe's opening.
PFS StandardReliable Luck17CatfolkCat's LuckYou have gone well past nine lives to survive danger with surprising regularity.
PFS StandardTen Lives17CatfolkEvade DoomWhen your character would die, you can attempt a DC 17 flat check.