Archives of Nethys


It is thanks to the Pathfinder/Starfinder community and the great fanbase it has that led Archives of Nethys to becoming the resource it stands today. Below is a list of many of those individuals who have contributed.

Alex Reeser

Title UI Developer
Email alex@archivesofnethys.com; Location Louisiana, USA; Website GitHub Profile

Work for the Archives

Alex joined the Archives of Nethys in 2019, volunteering to add mobile and responsive features to all of the Archive's sites. Alex is most active in updating the site's CSS, trying to give users a polished view of the Archives.

Outside of the Archives

Fulltime full-stack web developer and fulltime DUPLO-stack dad.


Title Data Entry Specialist (Pathfinder)
Email devin@archivesofnethys.com; Location East Coast, USA

Work for the Archives

Devin has been supporting the Archives of Nethys since 2015, primarily doing data entry for new Pathfinder books. He also fixes bugs and errors that users report, has done some data entry for Starfinder, and occasionally works on special projects to improve user experience.

Federico Castro (Star)

Title Front-End Developer
Email star@archivesofnethys.com; Location Argentina

Work for the Archives

After providing advice for some time, Star joined the Archives of Nethys in 2021 as a Front-end Developer to assist with the integration of Telerik tables, and overhaul the overall design and User Experience of the Archives.

Jonny Dover

Title Editor
Email jonny@archivesofnethys.com

Work for the Archives

Jonny joined the Archives of Nethys in 2021 to help ensure the accuracy of the Archives and to give back to the amazing communities that have grown around Pathfinder and Starfinder.

Outside of the Archives

Jonny is a technical writer, mostly on the topic of surgery; an Open Access scholarly publisher; and an open source software enthusiast and hobbyist. He also loves cooking and running.


Title Editor
Email kao@archivesofnethys.com

Work for the Archives

Kao joined the Archives of Nethys as the editor for Pathfinder 2nd Edition content in 2019. Their primary contribution is in making sure that the information that makes it onto the archives is both accurate to the source material and consistent with the formatting of Archives of Nethys. In between book releases, Kao also does accuracy checks on existing content and bug fixes.

Outside of the Archives

Kao has a master's degree in international relations and works as an analyst. For hobbies, Kao spends a fair amount of time with tabletop games, but is also an active runner, an avid reader and has a love-hate relationship with video game speedrunning.

Mark von Drake

Title Data Entry Specialist (Starfinder)
Email mark@archivesofnethys.com; Location Canada; Website The Hidden Truth

Work for the Archives

Mark has been with Archives of Nethys since 2019, primarily working on the Starfinder section of the site. He also helps with the Pathfinder sections when extra assistance is needed, and provides technical consultation when necessary.

Milan Badzic

Title SQL Database Administrator
Email milan@archivesofnethys.com; Location Texas, USA

Work for the Archives

Milan joined the Archives of Nethys team in 2018 to build the search engine for Starfinder. Shortly after he put together the Pathfinder 2 search engine as well. He helped refine the design for the PF2 schema. He lends his knowledge of databases by helping solve issues and providing helpful advice to the team on the subject. Occasionally, he assists the team with data entry.

Outside of the Archives

Besides working on the archives, Milan is also a Venture Captain for the Pathfinder Society. When he is not playing Pathfinder, he enjoys playing board games and PC games of various genres, including VR.