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Specific Magic Weapons

Source Core Rulebook pg. 600 2.0
These weapons have abilities far different from what can be gained by simply etching runes. A specific magic weapon lists its fundamental runes, which you can upgrade, add, or transfer as normal. You can’t etch any property runes onto a specific weapon that it doesn’t already have.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
ScrollstaffPFS StandardUncommonMagical, Transmutation112 gp1
Fighter's ForkPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation350 gp1
Hunter's BowPFS LimitedCommonEvocation, Magical360 gp1
Retribution AxePFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Magical360 gp2
Smoking SwordPFS LimitedCommonEvocation, Fire, Magical360 gp1
Storm HammerPFS LimitedCommonElectricity, Evocation, Magical360 gp1
Sparkblade CommonEvocation, Magical370 gpLTroubles in Otari
Cinderclaw GauntletPFS LimitedUncommonEvocation, Magical5150 gpLAge of Ashes
Dagger of VenomPFS StandardCommonMagical, Necromancy, Poison5150 gpL
Infiltrator's AccessoryPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Magical5150 gp1
Poisonous DaggerPFS LimitedCommonMagical, Necromancy, Poison5150 gpL
Caterwaul SlingPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical5155 gpL
Reaper's Lancet UniqueMagical, Necromancy, Poison5200 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Acrobat's StaffPFS LimitedUncommonFortune, Magical, Transmutation6235 gp2Extinction Curse
Bloodletting KukriPFS StandardUncommonMagical, Necromancy6240 gpL
Cooperative Blade UniqueDivination, Magical6250 gp1Abomination Vaults
Gluttonous Spear UncommonMagical, Necromancy6250 gp1The Slithering
Twining StaffPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation6250 gp
Spellguard BladePFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical7320 gpL
Slime Whip UncommonMagical, Transmutation7360 gp1The Slithering
EclipsePFS LimitedUniqueEvocation, Light, Magical8450 gpLAge of Ashes
Spiritsight CrossbowPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Magical, Teleportation8450 gp2
Flaying Knife UncommonMagical, Necromancy8480 gp1The Slithering
Crimson BrandPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Magical9700 gp1
Gloom BladePFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical9700 gpL
Whip of CompliancePFS StandardUncommonEnchantment, Magical93000 gp1Extinction Curse
Nightmare Cudgel UncommonInvested, Magical111000 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Rat-Catcher TridentPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Magical111200 gp1
Stoneraiser JavelinPFS LimitedUncommonConjuration, Earth, Magical111200 gpLExtinction Curse
Spore SapPFS LimitedUncommonEvocation, Fungus, Magical111250 gpLExtinction Curse
OathbowPFS StandardCommonDivination, Magical111300 gp2
Four-Ways DogslicerPFS StandardUncommonCold, Electricity, Evocation, Fire, Magical121700 gpL
Dwarven ThrowerPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical132750 gp1
Anchor SpearPFS LimitedUncommonMagical, Transmutation132800 gp1Extinction Curse
AnkylostarPFS LimitedUncommonMagical, Transmutation132800 gp1Extinction Curse
Flame TonguePFS StandardCommonEvocation, Fire, Magical132800 gp1
Deepdread ClawPFS StandardRareEvocation, Invested, Magical144000 gp1
Glaive of the ArtistPFS StandardUncommonEnchantment, Magical144000 gp2
Storm FlashPFS StandardCommonElectricity, Evocation, Magical144000 gp1
Hardened Harrow Deck RareMagical, Transmutation144350 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Holy AvengerPFS StandardUncommonDivine, Evocation, Good, Lawful144500 gp1
Radiant LancePFS StandardUncommonDivine, Evocation, Fire, Good, Light155750 gp2
Blade of the Rabbit Prince RareMagical, Transmutation156250 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Blade of the Black SoverignPFS StandardUniqueElectricity, Evocation, Magical156500 gp2
Frost BrandPFS StandardCommonCold, Evocation, Magical1610000 gp2
Gearblade RareClockwork, Invested, Magical1713000 gp2Agents of Edgewatch
Flame Tongue (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEvocation, Fire, Magical1713800 gp1
Luck BladePFS StandardRareDivination, Fortune, Magical1715000 gpL
Storm Flash (Greater)PFS StandardCommonElectricity, Evocation, Magical1821000 gp1
Life's Last Breath UniqueEvil, Magical, Necromancy1823500 gp2Extinction Curse
Torag's Silver AnvilPFS StandardUncommonDivine, Magical, Transmutation1824000 gp2
Luck Blade (Wishing)PFS StandardRareDivination, Fortune, Magical1930000 gpL
Mattock of the TitansPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Magical1936000 gp16
Sky HammerPFS StandardRareEvocation, Magical2070000 gp1