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Alchemist Feats

Every level at which you gain an Alchemist feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

Alchemical Familiar1AlchemistYou have used alchemy to create life, a simple creature formed from alchemical materials, reagents, and a bit of your own blood.
Alchemical Savant1Alchemisttrained in CraftingYou can identify alchemical items quickly.
Far Lobber1AlchemistYou’ve learned how to throw a longer distance.
Quick Bomber1AlchemistYou keep your bombs in easy-to-reach pouches from which you draw without thinking.
Poison Resistance2Alchemist, DruidRepeated exposure to toxic reagents has fortified your body against poisons of all kinds.
Revivifying Mutagen2AlchemistWhile under the effect of a mutagen, you can metabolize that mutagen’s power to heal yourself.
Smoke Bomb2Alchemist, Additive 1You cause the bomb to create a cloud of thick smoke, in addition to its normal effects.
Calculated Splash4AlchemistYou have calculated all the angles to maximize a bomb’s splash.
Efficient Alchemy4AlchemistThanks to the time you’ve spent studying and experimenting, you know how to scale your formulas into larger batches that don’t require any additional attention.
Enduring Alchemy4AlchemistYou’ve learned how to make your personal energy last just a little bit longer when quickly brewing ad hoc concoctions.
Combine Elixirs6Alchemist, Additive 2You’ve discovered how to mix two elixirs into a single hybrid concoction.
Debilitating Bomb6Alchemist, Additive 2Your bombs impose additional effects on your enemies.
Directional Bombs6AlchemistYou can lob bombs with great force and a precise trajectory to angle the splash in a cone spraying in a single direction.
Feral Mutagen8AlchemistYour bestial mutagen brings out the beast lurking within you.
Powerful Alchemy8AlchemistAlchemical items you create on the fly are particularly potent.
Sticky Bomb8Alchemist, Additive 2You mix in an additive to make your bomb’s contents adhere to the target and continue to deal damage.
Elastic Mutagen10AlchemistYou can cause your body to twist and flow like the quicksilver within your mutagens.
Expanded Splash10AlchemistCalculated SplashThe particularly volatile compounds that you brew into your bombs result in them creating especially large and powerful explosions.
Greater Debilitating Bomb10AlchemistDebilitating BombYou have learned enhanced techniques and alchemical secrets that allow you to expand the range of effects you can impose with your bombs.
Merciful Elixir10Alchemist, Additive 2You mix a special additive into your elixir that calms the drinker’s body and mind.
Potent Poisoner10AlchemistPowerful AlchemyBy concentrating your poisons’ toxic components, you make them harder for victims to resist.
Extend Elixir12AlchemistIntegrating your own personal energy into the elixirs you create causes them to affect you for longer.
Invincible Mutagen12AlchemistThe fortifying additives you brew into your mutagens make your juggernaut form impervious.
Shaped Contaminant12Alchemist, UncommonThrough a combination of careful manipulation and precise breath control, you can deploy inhaled toxins precisely.
Uncanny Bombs12AlchemistFar LobberYou lob bombs unerringly, despite obstructions or distance.
Glib Mutagen14AlchemistYour silvertongue mutagen transcends languages and plausibility.
Greater Merciful Elixir14AlchemistMerciful ElixirYour additives contain panaceas that can remedy a plethora of maladies.
True Debilitating Bomb14AlchemistGreater Debilitating BombEver inventive, you have discovered increasingly devastating ways for your bombs to impede and hamper your foes.
Eternal Elixir16AlchemistExtend ElixirYour body readily accepts and retains minor changes.
Exploitive Bomb16Alchemist, Additive 2You mix a substance into the bomb to foil resistances.
Genius Mutagen16AlchemistSpecialized tweaks to your formula that supplements your genius considerably broaden the benefits you gain from cognitive mutagens.
Persistent Mutagen16AlchemistExtend ElixirYou’ve trained your physical form to remain stable within the a given altered state.
Improbable Elixirs18AlchemistYour mastery of alchemical secrets enables you to replicate effects most believe can be achieved only via magic.
Mindblank Mutagen18AlchemistWith a minor adjustment of ratios in the formula for your serene mutagen, you gain mental protections.
Miracle Worker18AlchemistYour alchemical mastery can resuscitate the recently slain.
Perfect Debilitation18AlchemistYou have perfected the formulas for bombs that impede your enemies.
Craft Philosopher's Stone20AlchemistYour research has paid off, culminating in the legendary philosopher’s stone.
Efficient Alchemy20Alchemist, UncommonPrepare more alchemical items from your infused reagents.
Mega Bomb20Alchemist, Additive 3Expanded SplashYou add an incredibly powerful additive to a held bomb to create a mega bomb.
Perfect Mutagen20AlchemistYou have enhanced the formulas for your mutagens, aligning them perfectly to your physiology.