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Weapon Property Runes

Source Core Rulebook pg. 583 1.1
Property runes add special abilities to armor or a weapon in addition to the item’s fundamental runes. If a suit of armor or a weapon has multiple etchings of the same rune, only the highest-level one applies. You can upgrade a property rune to a higher-level type of that rune in the same way you would upgrade a fundamental rune.

Rune abilities that must be activated follow the rules for activating magic items on page 532.

Click here for the full rules on Weapon Property Runes.

Kin-Warding352 gp
PFS StandardReturning355 gp
PFS StandardGhost Touch475 gp
PFS StandardDisrupting5150 gp
Pacifying5150 gp
PFS StandardFearsome5160 gp
PFS StandardShifting6225 gp
PFS StandardWounding7340 gp
Bloodbane8475 gp
PFS StandardCorrosive8500 gp
PFS StandardFlaming8500 gp
PFS StandardFrost8500 gp
PFS StandardShock8500 gp
PFS StandardThundering8500 gp
PFS StandardGrievous9700 gp
PFS StandardSerrating101,000 gp
PFS StandardAnarchic111,400 gp
PFS StandardAxiomatic111,400 gp
PFS StandardHoly111,400 gp
PFS StandardUnholy111,400 gp
PFS StandardFearsome (Greater)122,000 gp
PFS StandardDancing132,700 gp
PFS StandardSpell-Storing132,700 gp
Bloodbane (Greater)132,800 gp
PFS StandardKeen133,000 gp
PFS StandardDisrupting (Greater)144,300 gp
PFS StandardCorrosive (Greater)156,500 gp
PFS StandardFlaming (Greater)156,500 gp
PFS StandardFrost (Greater)156,500 gp
PFS StandardShock (Greater)156,500 gp
PFS StandardThundering (Greater)156,500 gp
Ancestral Echoing159,500 gp
PFS StandardSpeed1610,000 gp
PFS StandardVorpal1715,000 gp