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Specific Shields

Source Core Rulebook pg. 587 2.0
These shields have unique abilities that differentiate them from their typical counterparts.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Glamorous BucklerPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Magical235 gpL
Sturdy Shield (Minor)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical4100 gp1
Exploding ShieldPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical525 gp1
Lion's ShieldPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical6245 gp1
Spellguard ShieldPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical6250 gp1
Spined ShieldPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical7360 gp1
Sturdy Shield (Lesser)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical7360 gp1
Force ShieldPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Force, Magical9650 gpL
Dragonslayer's ShieldPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Magical9670 gp1
Forge WardenPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Magical10975 gp1
Sturdy Shield (Moderate)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical101000 gp1
Floating ShieldPFS StandardUncommonMagical111250 gpL
Arrow-Catching ShieldPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical111350 gp1
Jawbreaker ShieldPFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Magical121650 gp1Extinction Curse
Medusa's ScreamPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation133000 gp1
Sturdy Shield (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical133000 gp1
Reforging ShieldPFS LimitedRareAbjuration, Magical156000 gp1Age of Ashes
Nethysian BulwarkPFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Evocation, Magical168000 gp1Age of Ashes
Floating Shield (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonMagical169000 gpL
Medusa's Scream (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation169000 gp1
Sturdy Shield (Major)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical1610000 gp1
Reflecting ShieldPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Magical1818000 gpL
Indestructible ShieldPFS StandardRareAbjuration, Magical1824000 gp1
Sturdy Shield (Supreme)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical1940000 gp1
Shield of the Unified LegionPFS LimitedUncommonEvocation, Magical2070000 gpLExtinction Curse