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Specific Shields

Source Core Rulebook pg. 587 2.0
These shields have unique abilities that differentiate them from their typical counterparts.

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PFS StandardGlamorous Buckler235 gpL
PFS StandardSturdy Shield (Minor)4100 gp1
PFS StandardExploding Shield525 gp1
PFS StandardLion's Shield6245 gp1
PFS StandardSpellguard Shield6250 gp1
PFS StandardSpined Shield7360 gp1
PFS StandardSturdy Shield (Lesser)7360 gp1
PFS StandardForce Shield9650 gpL
PFS StandardDragonslayer's Shield9670 gp1
PFS StandardForge Warden10975 gp1
PFS StandardSturdy Shield (Moderate)101,000 gp1
PFS StandardFloating Shield111,250 gpL
PFS StandardArrow-Catching Shield111,350 gp1
PFS LimitedJawbreaker Shield121,650 gp1Extinction Curse
PFS StandardMedusa's Scream133,000 gp1
PFS StandardSturdy Shield (Greater)133,000 gp1
PFS LimitedReforging Shield156,000 gp1Age of Ashes
PFS LimitedNethysian Bulwark168,000 gp1Age of Ashes
PFS StandardFloating Shield (Greater)169,000 gpL
PFS StandardMedusa's Scream (Greater)169,000 gp1
PFS StandardSturdy Shield (Major)1610,000 gp1
PFS StandardReflecting Shield1818,000 gpL
PFS StandardIndestructible Shield1824,000 gp1
PFS StandardSturdy Shield (Supreme)1940,000 gp1
PFS LimitedShield of the Unified Legion2070,000 gpLExtinction Curse