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Investigator Feats

Every level at which you gain an Investigator feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardFlexible Studies1InvestigatorYou've collected a cross-section of information on various disciplines you can refer to when preparing for various tasks.
PFS StandardKnown Weaknesses1InvestigatorWhenever you Devise a Stratagem, you can also attempt a check to Recall Knowledge as part of that action.
PFS StandardTakedown Expert1InvestigatorYou've mastered combat practices that let you get up close and bring down perpetrators alive.
PFS StandardThat's Odd1InvestigatorWhen you enter a new location, such as a room or corridor, you immediately notice one thing out of the ordinary.
PFS StandardTrap Finder1Investigator, RogueYou have an intuitive sense that alerts you to the dangers and presence of traps.
PFS StandardUnderworld Investigator1InvestigatorYour work as an investigator makes you familiar with the criminal element.
PFS StandardAthletic Strategist2Investigatortrained in AthleticsYou know how to calculatedly manipulate joints and body weight.
PFS StandardRed Herring2InvestigatorYou have a keen sense for avoiding spurious lines of inquiry.
PFS StandardShared Stratagem2InvestigatorThe plans you make include your allies as well as yourself.
PFS StandardSolid Lead2InvestigatorSometimes your case splinters into smaller mysteries, but you never lose sight of the big picture.
PFS StandardAlchemical Discoveries4Investigatoralchemical sciences methodologyYou've devoted extra time in the lab to improve your knowledge of alchemy.
PFS StandardDetective's Readiness4InvestigatorWhen you're on a case, you stay watchful and resolute to avoid tricks your suspect might pull.
PFS StandardLie Detector4Investigatorempiricism methodology or interrogation methodologyYou're adept at noticing the tells of a liar—sweat, flushing, a quavering voice, a quickening pulse.
PFS StandardOngoing Investigation4InvestigatorYou're always investigating what's around you, even as you perform other activities.
PFS StandardScalpel's Point4Investigatorforensic medicine methodologyYour stratagems benefit from your precise knowledge of anatomy.
PFS StandardStrategic Assessment4InvestigatorYou learn your foes' strengths and weaknesses by watching them move.
PFS RestrictedConnect the Dots6Investigator, Concentrate, Secret, UncommonEphemeral connections between people, places, and concepts are invisible to most, but seeing them is your stock and trade.
PFS StandardPredictive Purchase (Investigator)6InvestigatorYou have just the thing for the situation.
PFS StandardThorough Research6InvestigatorWhen you succeed at a Recall Knowledge check, you learn an additional fact about the subject.
PFS StandardBlind-Fight8Investigator, Fighter, Ranger, Roguemaster in PerceptionYour battle instincts make you more aware of concealed and invisible opponents.
PFS StandardClue Them All In8InvestigatorYou can clue in all your allies at once.
PFS RestrictedWhodunnit?8Investigator, UncommonYou carefully consider your case and narrow down some of the details.
PFS StandardJust One More Thing10Investigator, FortuneAfter your attempt to influence someone goes poorly, you add another bit of information or ask a pointed question, possibly salvaging your previous attempt.
PFS StandardOngoing Strategy10Investigatorstrategic strikeYou're constantly studying small aspects of everyone's movements, even if you don't have a stratagem in place ahead of time.
PFS StandardSuspect of Opportunity10InvestigatorSometimes something intrudes upon your case unexpectedly, such as an ambush sent to bring your investigation to a close.
PFS StandardForesee Danger12Investigator, ConcentrateYou perceive every possible way your foe's attack could land and attempt to avoid them all.
PFS StandardReason Rapidly12InvestigatorYour mind works through clues at an unbelievable speed.
PFS RestrictedPlot the Future14Investigator, Concentrate, Prediction, UncommonYou spend 10 minutes in contemplation to uncannily predict how events will play out.
PFS StandardSense the Unseen14Investigator, Ranger, RogueWhen you look for foes, you can catch even the slightest cues.
PFS StandardStrategic Bypass14InvestigatorYour plans account for your foes' resistances, enabling you to strike a telling blow.
PFS StandardDidactic Strike16InvestigatorShared StratagemWhen you find a glaring weakness, you can set your allies up to annihilate your foe.
PFS StandardImplausible Purchase (Investigator)16InvestigatorPredictive Purchase (Investigator)It seems impossible, but you've analyzed every angle and are able to just keep pulling out exactly the item you need, even in far-flung locations.
PFS StandardReconstruct the Scene16Investigator, Concentrate, RogueYou spend 1 minute surveying a small location (such as a single room) to get an impression of events that occurred there in the last day.
PFS StandardLead Investigator18Investigator, ExplorationClue Them All InYou spend 1 minute briefing up to four allies about one lead you're pursuing.
PFS StandardTrickster's Ace18Investigator, Concentrate, RogueYou have a contingency in your back pocket for desperate situations.
PFS StandardEveryone's a Suspect20InvestigatorYou are so suspicious of everyone you meet that you keep mental notes on how to defeat them all—even your own allies.
PFS StandardJust the Facts20InvestigatorThorough ResearchYou fundamentally understand everything to the point where your research can't possibly be wrong.