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Changeling Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Changeling, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardBrine May1Changeling, LineageYour mother was a sea hag, granting you one sea-green or blue eye.
PFS StandardCallow May1Changeling, LineageYou are among the most common of changelings—those born to green hags—and a vibrant green eye signifies that parentage.
PFS StandardChangeling Lore1ChangelingAll too aware of your true nature, you’ve studied hags and their powers.
PFS StandardDream May1Changeling, LineageYou are the child of a night hag, making one of your eyes violet or even black.
PFS StandardHag Claws1ChangelingWhen you came of age, your fingernails grew long and sharp.
PFS StandardHag's Sight1ChangelingYou've nurtured the supernatural abilities gifted by your hag mother, particularly your sight.
PFS StandardMaiden's Mending1ChangelingYou can tap into some of the magic that flows through your blood to give you new life.
PFS StandardMoon May1Changeling, LineageYour mother was a moon hag, a handmaiden of Groetus, and you have a single scarlet eye and a sliver of her supernal foresight.
PFS StandardSlag May1Changeling, LineageYour mother was an annis hag, known for physical prowess, and you have one violet or steel-gray eye.
PFS StandardSnow May1Changeling, LineageYou're the child of a winter hag, with one blue-white eye and an affinity for rime and snow.
PFS StandardVeil May1Changeling, LineageBorn of a blood hag, a fiery blood drinker hidden behind a false skin, you have one blood-red eye and the ability to slough off your appearance in an instant.
PFS StandardVirga May1Changeling, LineageBorn of a storm hag, you have one crystal-blue or rain-gray eye.
PFS StandardCalled5ChangelingYou have heard the Call, and in constantly resisting that persistent demand, you've developed a mental bulwark against effects that would target your mind.
PFS StandardCunning Hair5ChangelingYour hair moves under your control.
PFS StandardFavorable Winds5Changeling, Air, Concentrate, OccultVirga MayYou wrap a shell of favorable wind around a weapon you wield.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Changeling, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardMist Child5ChangelingYou blend in with unnatural subtlety.
PFS StandardAccursed Claws9Changelingclaw unarmed attackYour claws carry your mother's hag magic.
PFS StandardInvoke the Elements9Changeling, Evocation, PrimalBrine May, Snow May, Veil May, or Virga MayYou summon an aura of shimmering heat, flurrying snow, crashing waves, or swirling wind and lightning.
PFS StandardMother's Mindfulness9ChangelingYou have the protective instinct your own mother lacks and will gladly suffer in another's place.
PFS StandardOccult Resistance9Changelingexpert in OccultismYour study of occult practices has shown you how to best defend against them.
PFS StandardHag Magic13ChangelingThrough your heritage, you can replicate some of a hag's magic.
PFS StandardSpiteful Rake13Changelingclaw unarmed attackYour instincts sing of spite and malice, and you've learned a devastating trick: go for the eyes.
PFS StandardCrone's Cruelty17ChangelingFilled with rancor and hate, you rend the minds of those who displease you.
PFS StandardStormy Heart17ChangelingInvoke the ElementsThe elemental power in your blood is a raging storm.