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Leshy Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Leshy, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAgeless Spirit1LeshyYou remember more about your previous incarnations than most leshys.
PFS StandardGrasping Reach1LeshyYou can extend a tangle of vines or tendrils to support your arms and extend your reach.
PFS StandardHarmlessly Cute1LeshyYour size and demeanor make it easy for you to convince others that you mean no harm.
PFS StandardLeshy Lore1LeshyYou deeply understand your people’s cultural traditions and innate strengths.
PFS StandardLeshy Superstition1LeshyYou notice spirits that inhabit objects, learning which bring good fortune and which are unlucky.
PFS StandardSeedpod1LeshyYour body produces a nearly endless supply of hard seedpods.
PFS StandardShadow of the Wilds1LeshyIt’s difficult to notice your passage through wild areas.
PFS StandardUndaunted1LeshyYour spirit has endured many challenges over its long existence, and you are certain you can overcome whatever hardships life throws your way.
PFS StandardAnchoring Roots5LeshySmall roots sprout from your feet, steadying you as you move.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Leshy, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardLeshy Glide5LeshyLeaf Leshy heritage or Cat FallUsing your own leaves, you can control your descent.
PFS StandardRitual Reversion5Leshy, Polymorph, Primal, TransmutationYou can temporarily revert to a less conspicuous form without diminishing your senses.
PFS StandardSpeak with Kindred5LeshyYou have a connection with creatures that share your physiology.
PFS StandardBark and Tendril9LeshyYou wield primal magic.
PFS StandardLucky Keepsake9LeshyLeshy SuperstitionYou have a keepsake that grants you luck.
PFS StandardSolar Rejuvenation9LeshyIf you rest outdoors for 10 minutes during the day, you regain Hit Points equal to your Constitution modifier × half your level.
PFS StandardSpore Cloud9LeshyYou unleash a cloud of pollen or similar spores.
PFS StandardThorned Seedpod9LeshySeedpodWhen your seedpods strike a felling blow, they burst into viciously thorny vines.
PFS StandardCall of the Green Man13LeshyYou can call forth nearby nature spirits to augment your body.
PFS StandardCloak of Poison13Leshy, PoisonYou secrete a cloak of concentrated poison that harms any who dare attack you.
PFS StandardFlourish and Ruin17LeshyYou can call upon the vital essence of your spirit to restore life to your allies and call forth vines to ensnare and bludgeon your foes.
PFS StandardRegrowth17LeshyYour command over your vital essence allows you or an ally to recover from grievous wounds.