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Sorcerer Feats

Every level at which you gain a Sorcerer feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardAncestral Blood Magic1SorcererThe magic of your bloodline mixes with that of your ancestry.
PFS StandardBlessed Blood1Sorcererbloodline that grants divine spells; you follow a deityYour deity’s blessings manifest in your blood-borne power
PFS StandardCounterspell1Sorcerer, Abjuration, Arcane, Witch, WizardWhen a foe Casts a Spell and you can see its manifestations, you can use your own magic to disrupt it.
PFS StandardDangerous Sorcery1SorcererYour legacy grants you great destructive power.
PFS StandardFamiliar1Sorcerer, WizardAn animal serves you and assists your spellcasting.
PFS StandardReach Spell1Sorcerer, Bard, Cleric, Concentrate, Druid, Metamagic, Oracle, Witch, WizardYou can extend your spells’ range.
PFS StandardWiden Spell1Sorcerer, Druid, Manipulate, Metamagic, Oracle, Witch, WizardYou manipulate the energy of your spell, causing it to spread out and affect a wider area.
PFS StandardAnoint Ally2Sorcerer, ManipulateYou forge a mystical connection with an ally using your body as a focus, allowing them to benefit from your magic.
PFS StandardCantrip Expansion2Sorcerer, Bard, Cleric, Oracle, Witch, WizardStudy broadens your range of simple spells.
PFS StandardEnhanced Familiar2Sorcerer, Druid, Witch, Wizarda familiarYou infuse your familiar with additional primal energy, increasing its abilities.
PFS StandardEntreat with Forebears2Sorcerera bloodline that corresponds with a creature traitSomething about your presence causes creatures of your bloodline to, consciously or not, recognize you as one of their own, and you become inured to their tricks.
PFS StandardArcane Evolution4Sorcerer, Arcanebloodline that grants arcane spellsYour arcane legacy grants you an exceptional aptitude for intellectual and academic pursuits.
PFS StandardBespell Weapon4Sorcerer, Oracle, WizardYou siphon the residual energy from the last spell you cast into one weapon you’re wielding.
PFS StandardDivine Evolution4Sorcerer, Divinebloodline that grants divine spellsThe divine might provided by your bloodline flows through you.
PFS StandardElaborate Flourish4Sorcerer, Concentrate, Manipulate, MetamagicYou embellish your spellcasting with entrancing flourishes and grand pronouncements, making it harder to identify or counter.
PFS StandardOccult Evolution4Sorcerer, Occultbloodline that grants occult spellsGlimpses of the obscure secrets of the universe loan you power.
PFS StandardPrimal Evolution4Sorcerer, Primalbloodline that grants primal spellsYou can call upon the creatures of the wild for aid.
PFS StandardSplit Shot4Sorcerer, Concentrate, MetamagicYou fragment a ranged spell into a pair of smaller shots.
PFS StandardAdvanced Bloodline6Sorcererbloodline spellYou have studied your bloodline to learn the secrets of its magic.
PFS StandardDiverting Vortex6SorcererYou transfer vestiges of magical energy to the air around you, creating a vortex that deflects ranged attacks.
PFS StandardEnergetic Resonance6Sorcerer, AbjurationYour blood resonates with magical energy, mitigating the effects of harmful spells.
PFS StandardSpell Relay6Sorcerer, ConcentrateYou open the power in your blood to your ally's spellcasting, using your magic to boost their range.
PFS StandardSteady Spellcasting6Sorcerer, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Oracle, Witch, WizardYou don’t lose spells easily.
PFS StandardBloodline Resistance8SorcererYour magical blood makes you more resistant to magic.
PFS StandardCrossblooded Evolution8SorcererOdd interactions in your bloodline provide you with unexpected spells.
PFS StandardSafeguarded Spell8Sorcerer, Concentrate, MetamagicYou bring the magical wavelengths of your spell into sync with the ones produced by your own body.
PFS StandardSoulsight8Sorcerer, Bard[Sorcerer] bloodline that grants divine or occult spellsYour muse has opened your senses to the world beyond.
PFS StandardAncestral Mage10SorcererAncestral Blood MagicThe magic of your ancestry and bloodline are one and the same.
PFS StandardEnergy Fusion10Sorcerer, Concentrate, MetamagicYou fuse two spells together, combining their energy types.
PFS StandardEnergy Ward10Sorcerer, AbjurationYou trap energy from the last spell you cast within your body, coating your flesh in a protective ward.
PFS StandardGreater Bloodline10Sorcererbloodline spellFurther communion with the legacy of your bloodline has uncovered greater secrets.
PFS StandardOverwhelming Energy10Sorcerer, Druid, Manipulate, Metamagic, WizardYou alter your spells to overcome resistances.
PFS StandardQuickened Casting10Sorcerer, Bard, Concentrate, Metamagic, Oracle, Witch, WizardYou are able to quickly cast a spell.
PFS StandardSignature Spell Expansion10SorcererYour innate connection to magic lets you cast more spells with greater freedom.
PFS StandardBlood Component Substitution12SorcererYou can bypass the need for incantations and gestures by drawing energy directly from your blood, causing you to visibly glow the color of your blood and crackle with magical energy.
PFS StandardBloodline Focus12Sorcererbloodline spellYour bloodline cause you to recover focus faster.
PFS StandardGreater Physical Evolution12SorcererArcane Evolution or Primal EvolutionYou hold a deep understanding of the innate fundamental structures of the physical world, and you can enforce your will upon that structure as far as your own blood is concerned.
PFS StandardGreater Spiritual Evolution12SorcererDivine Evolution or Occult EvolutionYour magical blood is rich with spiritual essence, and this infusion within you allows your spells to be fully effective against incorporeal creatures, spirits, and creatures on the Ethereal Plane.
PFS StandardMagic Sense12Sorcerer, Detection, Divination, Oracle, WizardYou have a literal sixth sense for magic.
PFS StandardConsume Spell14SorcererCounterspellWhen you successfully Counterspell a spell of the tradition that matches your bloodline, you consume it, replenishing yourself with its energy.
PFS StandardInterweave Dispel14Sorcerer, Metamagicdispel magic in your spell repertoireYou weave dispelling energy into a spell, sending both effects at a foe.
PFS StandardReflect Spell14Sorcerer, Witch, WizardCounterspellYou cause a spell to fire back at its caster.
PFS StandardSpell Shroud14Sorcerer, Concentrate, MetamagicYour spell shrouds you in a billowing cloud.
PFS StandardEffortless Concentration16Sorcerer, Bard, Druid, Witch, WizardYou can maintain a spell with hardly a thought.
PFS StandardGreater Mental Evolution16SorcererArcane Evolution or Occult EvolutionYour bloodline’s deep connection to mental essence greatly enhances your spell repertoire.
PFS StandardGreater Vital Evolution16SorcererDivine Evolution or Primal EvolutionVital power surges through you like a font of energy.
PFS StandardScintillating Spell16Sorcerer, Concentrate, Light, MetamagicYour spells become a radiant display of light and color.
PFS StandardTerraforming Spell16Sorcerer, Concentrate, Earth, Metamagic, TransmutationYou capture transformative fragments of magic and slam them into the ground, creating a shock wave that alters your surroundings.
PFS StandardBloodline Wellspring18SorcererBloodline FocusYour blood’s power replenishes your focus.
PFS StandardEchoing Spell18Sorcerer, Concentrate, MetamagicYou time the components of your spell with exacting precision, setting up a resonance that duplicates the spell's effects.
PFS StandardGreater Crossblooded Evolution18SorcererCrossblooded EvolutionYour bloodline is extraordinarily complex.
PFS StandardBloodline Conduit20Sorcerer, MetamagicYour inborn magical nature lets you redirect ambient energies to fuel your spells.
PFS LimitedBloodline Metamorphosis20Sorcerer, UncommonSwap out spells from your repertoire more easily.Age of Ashes
PFS StandardBloodline Mutation20Sorcerera bloodline based on a specific type of creatureYou permanently mutate to become more like the creatures of your bloodline.
PFS StandardBloodline Perfection20Sorcererbloodline paragonYou command the ultimate powers of your bloodline and tradition.
PFS StandardMetamagic Mastery20Sorcerer, WizardAltering your spells doesn’t take any longer than casting them normally.
PFS LimitedTenacious Blood Magic20Sorcerer, UncommonYou have learned how to invest magic more deeply by witnessing Aroden's works.Extinction Curse