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Tiefling Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Tiefling, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardBeastbrood1Tiefling, LineageOne of your ancestors was a rakshasa, the corrupt and aristocratic reincarnated souls that call Golarion home.
PFS StandardFiendish Eyes1Tieflinglow-light visionYou can see in the darkness as easily as a fiend.
PFS StandardFiendish Lore1TieflingYou were raised by a tiefling or a fiendish relative, or you've devoted yourself to researching the secrets of the fiendish realms.
PFS StandardForm of the Fiend1TieflingPart of your body has an obvious, fiendish appearance.
PFS StandardGrimspawn1Tiefling, LineageYour lineage traces back to a daemon, one of the manifestations of horrific forms of death that devour souls within their foul home of Abaddon.
PFS StandardHellspawn1Tiefling, LineageYour lineage descends from devils, the conniving schemers of Hell's malevolent hierarchy.
PFS StandardNimble Hooves1TieflingYour legs end in hooves rather than feet, with joints and tendons that allow you to move with great haste.
PFS StandardPitborn1Tiefling, LineageYour blood bears the mark of a demon, a living embodiment of sin from the fetid depths of the Abyss.
PFS StandardRiftmarked1Tiefling, LineageLong ago, qlippoth marked someone in your lineage, most likely through their ancient runestones that dot Golarion's surface.
PFS StandardShackleborn1Tiefling, LineageYour lineage shows the signs of velstrac tampering, including some curious quirk bequeathed by those shadowy surgeons of flesh and souls.
PFS StandardDevil in Plain Sight5Tiefling, Concentrate, Divine, Polymorph, TransmutationYou've learned to draw your fiendish nature into a small ball of corruption and hide it in your soul.
PFS StandardDevilish Wiles5TieflingTraditionally, fiends are exceptionally good at persuading people to do things, even when their targets know it's a bad idea.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Tiefling, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardFiendish Resistance5TieflingYour connection to your fiendish forebears has granted you one of their resistances as well.
PFS StandardMalicious Bane5TieflingWhether your heart is pure or corrupt, you can call forth a malediction upon your foes.
PFS StandardSkillful Tail5TieflingYou've always had a tail, but with practice, you've learned to use it for more than signaling your mood.
PFS StandardDaemon Magic9TieflingGrimspawnThe magic of Abaddon runs through your blood, and you can wield that power.
PFS StandardDemon Magic9TieflingPitbornYou can channel the power of the Abyss through your heritage, producing terrible tangible effects.
PFS StandardDevil Magic9TieflingHellspawnDrawing on the infernal power of your sinister forbears, you mislead your foes with magical deception.
PFS StandardFiendish Wings9Tiefling, Divine, Morph, TransmutationYou can strain to call forth bat-like or otherwise fiendish wings from your back, similar in appearance to those of your fiendish ancestors.
PFS StandardLight from Darkness9TieflingYou've battled the fiendish power within your nature and come out on top; whatever you decide to do with your life, for good or evil, will be your choice and your choice alone.
PFS StandardQlippoth Magic9TieflingRiftmarkedYou've deeply studied the secrets of your blood and can force reality to act against its own wishes.
PFS StandardRakshasa Magic9TieflingBeastbroodYou remember the secrets of your rakshasa forebears and know how to apply those memories to get results.
PFS StandardVelstrac Magic9TieflingShacklebornYou know there's so much more to sensation than whips and chains—but whips and chains also have their place.
PFS StandardFiendish Strikes13TieflingYour festering connection to the forces of evil infuses your weapons with debilitating malevolence, tearing down creatures of good with every attack.
PFS StandardFiend's Door13TieflingLike many fiends, you have the supernatural ability to teleport yourself to safety.
PFS StandardFinest Trick13TieflingDevil in Plain SightMany fiends—rakshasa rajas and demonic succubi most famously—can take on the forms of others.
PFS StandardSummon Fiendish Kin13Tieflingany tiefling lineage featYou have a deep connection to the fiendish realms, allowing you to summon a fiend matching your own lineage.
PFS StandardFiendish Word17TieflingYou can call forth a blasphemous word from the fiendish realms to punish your foes.
PFS StandardFinal Form17Tiefling, Concentrate, Divine, Evocation, Morph, TransmutationYou embrace your monstrous blood and make it your own, screaming out to the heavens and hells alike in rage, pain, and defiance.
PFS StandardRelentless Wings17TieflingFiendish WingsYour wings are now a permanent part of your physiology.