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Wizard Feats

Every level at which you gain a Wizard feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

Counterspell (Prepared)1Wizard, Abjuration, ArcaneWhen a foe Casts a Spell and you can see its manifestations, you can use your own magic to disrupt it.
Eschew Materials1WizardYou can use clever workarounds to replicate the arcane essence of certain materials.
Familiar1Wizard, SorcererAn animal serves you and assists your spellcasting.
Hand of the Apprentice1Wizarduniversalist wizardYou can magically hurl your weapon at your foe.
Reach Spell1Wizard, Bard, Cleric, Concentrate, Druid, Metamagic, SorcererYou can extend your spells’ range
Widen Spell1Wizard, Druid, Manipulate, Metamagic, SorcererYou manipulate the energy of your spell, causing it to spread out and affect a wider area.
Cantrip Expansion2Wizard, Bard, Cleric, SorcererStudy broadens your range of simple spells
Conceal Spell2Wizard, Concentrate, Manipulate, MetamagicHiding your gestures and incantations within other speech and movement, you attempt to conceal the fact that you are casting a spell.
Enhanced Familiar2Wizard, Druid, Sorcerera familiarYou infuse your familiar with additional primal energy, increasing its abilities.
Bespell Weapon4Wizard, SorcererYou siphon the residual energy from the last spell you cast into one weapon you’re wielding.
Linked Focus4Wizardarcane bond, arcane schoolYou have linked your bonded item to the well of energy that powers your school spells.
Silent Spell4Wizard, Concentrate, MetamagicConceal SpellYou’ve learned how to cast many of your spells without speaking the words of power you would normally need to provide.
Spell Penetration6WizardYou’ve studied ways of overcoming the innate magical resistance that certain powerful creatures have.
Steady Spellcasting6Wizard, Bard, Cleric, Druid, SorcererYou don’t lose spells easily
Advanced School Spell8Wizardarcane schoolYou gain access to a powerful new school spell depending on your arcane school.
Bond Conservation8Wizard, Manipulate, Metamagicarcane bondBy carefully manipulating the arcane energies stored in your bonded item as you drain it, you can conserve just enough power to cast another, slightly weaker spell.
Universal Versatility8Wizarduniversalist wizard, Hand of the ApprenticeYou can access the fundamental abilities of any school of magic.
Overwhelming Energy10Wizard, Druid, Manipulate, Metamagic, SorcererYou alter your spells to overcome resistances.
Quickened Casting10Wizard, Bard, Concentrate, Metamagic, SorcererYou are able to quickly cast a spell
Scroll Savant10Wizardexpert in CraftingDuring your daily preparations, you can create two temporary scrolls containing arcane spells from your spellbook.
Clever Counterspell12WizardCounterspell, Quick RecognizeYou creatively apply your prepared spells to counterspell a much wider variety of your opponents’ magic.
Magic Sense12Wizard, Detection, Divination, SorcererYou have a literal sixth sense for magic
Bonded Focus14Wizardarcane bondYour connection to your bonded item increases your focus pool.
Reflect Spell14Wizard, SorcererCounterspellYou cause a spell to fire back at its caster.
Superior Bond14Wizardarcane bondWhen you draw upon your bonded item, you can leave a bit of energy within it for later use.
Effortless Concentration16Wizard, Bard, Druid, SorcererYou can maintain a spell with hardly a thought.
Spell Tinker16Wizard, ConcentrateYou’ve learned to alter choices you make when casting spells on yourself.
Infinite Possibilities18WizardYou’ve found a way to prepare a spell slot that exists in your mind as many different possibilities at once.
Reprepare Spell18WizardYou’ve discovered how to reuse some of your spell slots over and over.
Archwizard's Might20Wizardarchwizard’s spellcraftYou have mastered the greatest secrets of arcane magic.
Metamagic Mastery20Wizard, SorcererAltering your spells doesn’t take any longer than casting them normally.
Spell Combination20WizardYou can merge spells, producing multiple ef ects with a single casting.