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Specific Magic Armor

Source Core Rulebook pg. 557 2.0
These suits of armor have abilities far different from what can be gained by etching runes. A specific magic armor lists its fundamental runes, which you can upgrade, add, or transfer as normal. You can’t etch any property runes onto a specific armor that it doesn’t already have.

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PFS StandardGhoul Hide6220 gp2
PFS StandardMoonlit Chain7360 gp2
PFS StandardVictory Plate9675 gp4
PFS StandardRhino Hide9700 gp2
PFS StandardSpangled Rider's Suit9700 gp1Extinction Curse
Numerian Steel Breastplate10900 gp2
PFS StandardElectric Eelskin10950 gp1
PFS StandardBreastplate of Command101,000 gp2
PFS StandardCelestial Armor132,500 gp1
PFS StandardDemon Armor132,500 gp4
Forgotten Shell132,500 gp4Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardMail of Luck132,600 gp3
PFS LimitedNoxious Jerkin132,800 gpLExtinction Curse
PFS StandardGlorious Plate144,500 gp4
PFS StandardVictory Plate (Greater)155,500 gp4
PFS StandardPlate Armor of the Deep156,500 gp4
Fungal Armor157,200 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardDragonplate1610,000 gp4
PFS StandardImpenetrable Scale1712,800 gp3
PFS LimitedJerkin of Liberation1714,000 gp1Extinction Curse
PFS StandardBreastplate of Command (Greater)1822,000 gp2