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Specific Magic Armor

Source Core Rulebook pg. 557 2.0
These suits of armor have abilities far different from what can be gained by etching runes. A specific magic armor lists its fundamental runes, which you can upgrade, add, or transfer as normal. You can’t etch any property runes onto a specific armor that it doesn’t already have.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Ghoul HidePFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Necromancy6220 gp2
Moonlit ChainPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical7360 gp2
Victory PlatePFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical9675 gp4
Rhino HidePFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation9700 gp2
Spangled Rider's SuitPFS StandardUncommonDivination, Invested, Magical9700 gp1Extinction Curse
Numerian Steel BreastplatePFS LimitedRareAbjuration, Invested, Magical10900 gp2
Electric EelskinPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation10950 gp1
Breastplate of CommandPFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical101000 gp2
Celestial ArmorPFS StandardCommonDivine, Good, Invested, Transmutation132500 gp1
Demon ArmorPFS StandardCommonDivine, Evil, Invested, Necromancy132500 gp4
Forgotten Shell RareDivination, Invested, Magical132500 gp4Agents of Edgewatch
Mail of LuckPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical132600 gp3
Noxious JerkinPFS LimitedRareEvocation, Magical132800 gpLExtinction Curse
Glorious PlatePFS StandardRareEvocation, Good, Light, Magical144500 gp4
Victory Plate (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical155500 gp4
Plate Armor of the DeepPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical156500 gp4
Fungal Armor RareInvested, Magical, Transmutation157200 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
DragonplatePFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Invested, Magical1610000 gp4
Impenetrable ScalePFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical1712800 gp3
Jerkin of LiberationPFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical1714000 gp1Extinction Curse
Breastplate of Command (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical1822000 gp2