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Base Shields

Source Core Rulebook pg. 277
A shield can increase your character’s defense beyond the protection their armor provides. Your character must be wielding a shield in one hand to make use of it, and it grants its bonus to AC only if they use an action to Raise a Shield. This action grants the shield’s bonus to AC as a circumstance bonus until their next turn starts. A shield’s Speed penalty applies whenever your character is holding the shield, whether they have raised it or not.

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NamePriceAC Bonus1Speed PenaltyBulkHardnessHP (BT)
Buckler1 gp+1L36 (3)
Wooden Shield1 gp+21312 (6)
Steel Shield2 gp+21520 (10)
Tower Shield10 gp+2 (+42)-5 ft.4520 (10)
1 Gaining a shield's circumstance bonus to AC requires using the Raise a Shield action.
2 Getting the higher bonus for a tower shield requires using the Take Cover action while the shield is raised.