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9/7/21 10:35 PM PST

Hi everyone! We have a small update for you tonight with some fixes for a few bugs that got into database, along with some updates to the new UI/tables. Namely, Star has come up with a fantastic way that users can now remove/reorder columns in a given table and the site will remember your choices for future loads. To use this feature, just right-click the red header bar where the column names are at and you will get an option to toggle on/off whichever columns you wish. Right now this only works effectively on Desktop, but we're working on getting it to mobile as well.

Stay tuned to our next update in about a month when we're back with more books and more improvements!

9/1/21 12:00 AM PST

Hi everyone! This one is a BIG update, and for more reasons then Secrets of Magic! For over ten years, I've had much of the same design with the Archives, save for some small alterations in the menu. Thanks in large part to our new acolyte Star's expertise with design and learning more about what we can do with our Telerik controls, we have a brand new UI to bring to all of you!

The new slideout UI is made available by mousing over the left side of the screen, though for users with touch screens and no mouse, you can achieve the same effect by clicking the mask in the top-left corner. Many of the original menu items have been re-grouped and may not be in exactly the same place as you remember, but all should be present. If you don't like the new UI, just click the "Classic Menu" option available at the bottom of the slideout menu and you'll be able to use the old art same as you always did.

We have more changes with this update and more to come in the future, especially to the PF1e and SF sides of the side. We've made some improvements with how the new tables operate on mobile but still have some work to do before we're happy with how the filters function. Elements of the new slideout UI may come to mobile in the future as well, but for this update we limited the new UI change to the desktop view.

Lastly, I wanted to give a few couple of large thank yous with this update, both to the members on my team and to the folks supporting us online.

To my team: this update had a LOT of moving parts and I would have given this venture up ages ago if I was still going it alone - thank you everyone for your valuable help and amazing skillsets at keeping the Archives chugging along.

To the fans/users: thank you immensely for all of your support! August was a huge month for Patreon support, love on twitter, fantastic YouTube videos, and more! I'm grateful every day that I'm still getting to work on this fantastic site and couldn't wish for a better community.

All of that said - ENJOY THE NEW UPDATES!!!

New Books

Site Updates

  • New UI! The slideout UI is now available on Desktop. If you wish to access the old menu, just click "Classic Menu" at the bottom near the search option. For users on touch screens, click the Nethys mask in the top-left to open/close the menu. The new icons come from the fantastic open source font RPG-Awesome
  • The "All Spells" telerik table has been temporarily changed with regards to the "Heightens" column. Until I figure out best practices with setting a default/changeable filter, we've decided to adjust the column to a simple true/false that shows "can a spell heighten", much like the superscript H on the list table. As such, the tables will only show one copy of each spell. If you wish to access the "show spells at all heightenable levels" functionality, you can do so with the Spell Lists. We will be bringing this column back in a future update once we figure out how best to handle it.
  • Telerik tables should scroll properly on mobile devices now.
  • We've adjusted our "spoiler" logic to only show on non-Common entries. As far as we've seen, nothing Common from an AP/Adventure has included spoilers, so we feel safe in removing the text from those entries.
  • The "Proficiency Without Level" variant has been added as a new option to creature statblocks. It doesn't function at the same time as Elite/Weak yet but will be an addition with a future release.

8/9/21 9:22 PM PST

Hi everyone! Tonight we have the first book of Strength of Thousands for you, along with its Player's Guide. We've also gotten caught up on the art that's been missed, updating the Mwangi Expanse, Ruby Phoenix, Malevolence, and first Strength of Thousands entries with beautiful and/or terrifying pieces.

Lastly, we're happy to welcome a new member to the team, Star! Star will be taking over CSS/design responsibilities from Alex, who's had to bow out from site help to focus more on some other priorities. We've already got some new changes to the look of the site we hope you'll like, but let us know your feedback on the Discord channels! We'll be making more changes in future updates to come.

Thanks for using the site, and enjoy!

New Books

7/19/21 9:56 PM PST

Hi everyone! The update tonight adds more adventure-specific content (big thanks to Devin and Milan for working so hard on that), along with improving the CSS for our new tables. The new styling is thanks to the user "Federico Castro" who took it upon themselves to figure out some of the Telerik specific code and give us some recomendations.

We're not done yet with the changes, to be clear, but these fixes should make the filter buttons visible (and usable) for everyone while also making the tables more usable on mobile. Scrolling around on them isn't perfect yet but it's much more functional then it was.

The filters themselves will be mixed functionality on mobile - the dropdown checklists should work, but the other filter functions aren't setup yet. We're getting there.

Thanks everyone for the patience, we hope you enjoy the updates!

7/9/21 9:32 PM PST

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy last few days - there's been a lot of discussion and feedback on the new setup. While we managed to take care of a few issues in the last couple of days, getting a lot of the new UI perfect (especially on mobile) is going to take a bit longer. We ask everyone to please be patient while we learn and fine-tune these tables into something that will work for everyone.

Site Updates

  • Errata has been applied to the Lost Omens Character Guide, World Guide, Gods & Magic, and Mwangi Expanse.
  • The List View for Spells has been brought back alongside the tables.
  • The Class lists for Focus Spells should work again.
  • We've changed the tables to use a more friendly Desktop layout, though as before, they still are pretty bad on mobile.
  • Size was re-added to the Creatures table.

Known Bugs

  • Mobile functionality does not work with these tables yet. You can try your phone in landscape mode for now, but ultimately Desktop will be the best way to use these tables until we can get the mobile view in a good place.
  • The color scheme, font size, and overall UI of these tables is not final and will be changed.
  • There will be some higher latency (load times) in the Feats area for a bit, we are working on a fix.
  • The "Filter Use" headers will be moved into their own area soon, they were a temporary measure while these tables were still being tuned.
  • Using the filters involves clicking buttons to the right of each text box to select your chosen filter option - right now these buttons are obscured if you do not have a wide enough display. A temporary fix for now is to zoom out on your browser and the buttons should appear. Eventually we will have these setup where you can just click enter for a default filter option, but we're still working on that.