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7/19/21 9:56 PM PST

Hi everyone! The update tonight adds more adventure-specific content (big thanks to Devin and Milan for working so hard on that), along with improving the CSS for our new tables. The new styling is thanks to the user "Federico Castro" who took it upon themselves to figure out some of the Telerik specific code and give us some recomendations.

We're not done yet with the changes, to be clear, but these fixes should make the filter buttons visible (and usable) for everyone while also making the tables more usable on mobile. Scrolling around on them isn't perfect yet but it's much more functional then it was.

The filters themselves will be mixed functionality on mobile - the dropdown checklists should work, but the other filter functions aren't setup yet. We're getting there.

Thanks everyone for the patience, we hope you enjoy the updates!

7/9/21 9:32 PM PST

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy last few days - there's been a lot of discussion and feedback on the new setup. While we managed to take care of a few issues in the last couple of days, getting a lot of the new UI perfect (especially on mobile) is going to take a bit longer. We ask everyone to please be patient while we learn and fine-tune these tables into something that will work for everyone.

Site Updates

  • Errata has been applied to the Lost Omens Character Guide, World Guide, Gods & Magic, and Mwangi Expanse.
  • The List View for Spells has been brought back alongside the tables.
  • The Class lists for Focus Spells should work again.
  • We've changed the tables to use a more friendly Desktop layout, though as before, they still are pretty bad on mobile.
  • Size was re-added to the Creatures table.

Known Bugs

  • Mobile functionality does not work with these tables yet. You can try your phone in landscape mode for now, but ultimately Desktop will be the best way to use these tables until we can get the mobile view in a good place.
  • The color scheme, font size, and overall UI of these tables is not final and will be changed.
  • There will be some higher latency (load times) in the Feats area for a bit, we are working on a fix.
  • The "Filter Use" headers will be moved into their own area soon, they were a temporary measure while these tables were still being tuned.
  • Using the filters involves clicking buttons to the right of each text box to select your chosen filter option - right now these buttons are obscured if you do not have a wide enough display. A temporary fix for now is to zoom out on your browser and the buttons should appear. Eventually we will have these setup where you can just click enter for a default filter option, but we're still working on that.

7/7/21 6:30 PM PST

Alright everyone - this update is a doozy.

For a long time, ever since starting the first PF1e site really, the fans have asked for filterable tables. Thanks entirely to the support of everyone via our Patreon, donations, and just using the site without adblock... we have something new and exciting for you.

I've finally invested both the resources and time into a new Telerik license and incorporating new tables from them (called "RadGrids") into the website. These new tables replace many of the older asp-based ones and at long last will allow you to filter the data in ways that you want.
  • Want to use "All Equipment" and just see level 7 items less than 60 gp? Now you can.
  • Want to filter only Common options? Now you can.
  • Have a GM that knows the subtle rule about Clerics and Druids only having access to Core Rulebook spells? Now you can filter the spells table to show only CRB spells.
There are a LOT of ways to use these tables now, and we've barely dipped our toes in the water.

Before I get much further, I will say this - THERE WILL BE BUGS (one known one is you may see an error if going between different tables and filtering the information quickly - a refresh should fix this). We are a small team and Telerik is a very *deep* system with a lot of documentation to read. The way we have things setup now are more of a Beta test of what these can do than my desired final version. We are aware these don't really perform well on Mobile and getting that implementation is at the top of my list before next release. Aside from that, if you find anything crazy, please report it to us in one of our Discord channels.

We will be continuing to make updates and changes to this system over the coming updates, so if something doesn't look or work the way you'd expect just yet, it hopefully will soon. I'm going to avoid going too much into how everything works now, I'll let the Site Update below speak to that.

THANK YOU to all of our users for supporting us and enabling us to license these new controls. We couldn't have done it without you.

Another THANK YOU to the entire AoN team for their efforts as well - this update took a LOT of time for everyone and I am so grateful to have such supportive and intelligent people on the team.

Lastly, if you are a developer familiar with Telerik controls (specifically RadGrid/C#) and want to help us fine tune them, PLEASE reach out to me. I would love to get some tips from someone more experienced than myself with these (which isn't hard, I've been playing with them for less than a month now).

Much love everyone, thank you for using the Archives, and enjoy!!!

Oh also we have Elite/Weak toggles now, many pages redirect to new "All" tables without extra clicks, there's a new section for adventure-specific creatures, MORE BELOW!!

New Books

Site Updates

  • [Creatures / Equipment / Feats / Spells] These sections all now feature the new Telerik tables. Filter instructions are above each table. In some cases, menu links now go straight to the "All" section (Creatures -> All Creatures, Spells -> All Spells).
  • The new tables also include a button in the top right that will allow you to export the current entries to a CSV file. While license restrictions prevent us from hosting an API and providing you the data directly, this should help get some of the data in an offline manner for you to use.
  • We are now ingesting adventure-specific monsters, NPCs, and hazards! While not complete yet, we have introduced a new section called Adventures in the Settings section as a proof-of-concept. At the moment we only have Pathfinder #166 filled with the adventure's creatures, but we will be going back through every AP and adding the same content over the next few updates.
  • You can now select Elite or Weak options for any creature with a statblock. Most changes are now automated, though some are not and called out just above the statblock. We've added links to these as well in the Name column of Creatures, but are still wondering if saving the extra click is worth the extra clutter in that column. Send us your feedback on Discord! (Note: We aren't set on the colors being used either, ideally would have different ones for Elite/Weak, targeted item for next release)
  • Search has been updated with new features allowing you to show only PFS legal results or exclude adventure-specific material.
  • My own fault, I forgot to ask for the specific files needed to support artwork with this release. Once I get those from Paizo I'll update the site with the new artwork.

4/7/21 11:05 PM PST

Hello everyone! Tonight we bring you a bevy of new monsters from Bestiary 3, along with a few from the latest AP, Eyes of Empty Death (among some other mechanics). Huge thanks to Devin and Kao for their hard work in getting all of this content in and looked over!

Next update, we have something a little special planned, a set of features I know many users have wanted for a long time... :) Until then, enjoy the new books and happy gaming!

New Books

3/1/21 10:29 PM PST

Hi everyone! We've just updated our database with the new errata for Bestiary 2, visible in detail on here. Enjoy!