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Thrune Contracts

Source Legends pg. 10
Many devils enter into magical contracts with mortals to provide supernatural powers in exchange for their souls. Abrogail Thrune II is one of the few mortals empowered by Asmodeus himself to enter into such contracts with other mortals. Each of these Thrune contracts provide specific benefits and drawbacks. Little negotiation goes into a Thrune contract; Abrogail insists that prospective bargainers take her terms or go elsewhere (often, to Egorian's excruciation fields). Thrune contracts must be willingly signed by Abrogail and the other signatory. The process involves creation of two copies of the contract, one retained by Abrogail and one by the other signatory.

The effect of a Thrune contract is that of a magic item with the contract trait. The item has no physical substance and can't be dispelled, altered, or destroyed except by destroying both copies of the contract. A Thrune contract is automatically invested and counts toward a character's limit of 10 invested items—all Thrune contracts therefore have, as part of their cost, a fraction of the bargainer's ability to use other magic items. Abrogail, however, can enter into any number of Thrune contracts without restriction, and some believe she is even siphoning the other parties' investiture to increase her own. Once invested, Thrune contracts aren't visible—even though their effects can be—although anyone who has one is constantly aware of its presence. If a creature dies while it has a Thrune contract invested, its soul is consigned to Hell and it can't be restored to life unless its soul is freed.

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